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    Greta's show on Fox says Riot Gear out in LA

    They are saying that police in Riot Gear have deployed in LA trying to clear the streets before nightfall.

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    I've got CNN on, and nothing on here about it...instead, all I've seen is a positive spin.

    Have also heard, that they now will not settle for a guest worker program, or for anything that does not legalize EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I'm not a happy camper.

    Pinto Bean
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    I'm listening to KFI radio and not a word about police in riot gear.
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    Oh, but LA said they would not need any SWAT gear.
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    Rock throwing reported in Santa Ana

    By CINDY CARCAMO The Orange County Register

    SANTA ANA — Police asked other law enforcement agencies for help this afternoon after a group of 1,500 protesters jammed traffic on Bristol Street near 1st Street and Edinger Avenue and some started to hurls rocks, plastic bottles and marbles at officers.

    “It’s starting to take a turn for the worse,” Santa Ana police Sgt. Lorenzo Carrillo said.

    Sixteen officers at the scene were not injured by the thrown objects.

    Assistance was requested about 6 p.m. As soon as more officers are on the scene, people who don’t leave the area will be arrested, Carrillo said.

    The aggressive crowd members are different from those who marched downtown earlier today, he said.

    The Santa Ana Police Department asked for an additional 100 agents from several departments, including Garden Grove, Orange County and Fountain Valley.

    Some of the agencies had been called beforehand as the crowds grew larger and unmanageable, Lt. Dan McDermott said.

    About 200 Santa Ana police officers, including 19 mounted police officers, patrolled the city Monday.

    Earlier in the day, Santa Ana police asked grave-shift officers to come in about 90 minutes earlier than usual. When that wasn’t enough, officers who normally have the day off were called in.

    When the crowds were still too large, other agencies were called, McDermott said.

    “We’ve overcome our resources, now it’s time for help,” he said.
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