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Thread: Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

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    Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

    So this is who has been funding the riots. Finally someone that people can idenyitfy to sue. JMO
    Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter


    by AARON KLEIN16 Aug 2016

    George Soros’s Open Society Institute viewed the 2015 Baltimore unrest following the death of Freddie Gray as opening a “unique opportunity” to create “accountability” for the Baltimore police while aiding activists in reforming the city, according to hacked documents reviewed by Breitbart Jerusalem.

    The documents further confirm that the Open Society last year approved $650,000 to “invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.”

    The information was contained in a detailed 69-page Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting held in New York October 1 to October 2, 2015.

    The report directly states the Open Society views the Baltimore unrest last year as a crisis that can be utilized to carry out the organization’s agenda.

    The document states:

    The killing of Freddie Gray in April helped spawn weeks of peaceful protests by Baltimore residents and allies from the #BlackLivesMatter movement that were temporarily interrupted by a period of unrest that lasted less than 48 hours and resulted in some injuries and millions of dollars in property damage to neighborhood businesses. While many lamented the damage done, the overwhelming sentiment is that the uprising has catalyzed a paradigm shift in Baltimore that offers opportunities for major justice reforms.

    In particular, recent events offer a unique opportunity to accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and maintained by local law enforcement and to engage residents who have historically been disenfranchised in Baltimore City in shaping and monitoring reform. Building on our existing networks and programs, OSI-Baltimore will focus investments on: 1) creating a culture of accountability for policing in Baltimore, recognizing the pervasive racism, disrespect and lawlessness that gave rise to recent events; and 2) building the capacity of activists in Baltimore to demand and achieve immediate and long-term reforms.

    Later on, the document reveals the extent of Soros funding to the Black Lives Matter coalition:

    Recognizing the need for strategic assistance, the U.S. Programs Board approved $650,000 in Opportunities Fund support to invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.

    Another section of the document, titled, “Report On U.S. Regional Reserves” outlines the stated agenda for the $650,000 in funds approved for Black Lives Matter.

    #BlackLivesMatter ($650,000) – Per Board consensus at our May board meeting, U.S. Programs supported a series of convenings across the country over the summer organized in response to the immediate outrage and the escalating community mobilization to save black lives following the numerous killings of black men, women, and children by police. The largest of these events took place in July, when activists participated in the Movement for Black Lives convening in Cleveland, Ohio. In November, the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing will engage younger activists in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to supporting these convenings, US Programs has provided the groups and attendees of the convenings described here with technical assistance.

    The investment was well worth it, it seems. A second document on the Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting February 11-12 of this year relates Black Lives Matter worked to influence the 2016 presidential campaign.

    That hacked document states:

    Leaders of #BlackLivesMatter and The Movement for Black Lives worked to influence candidate platforms during the 2016 primary season. This came alongside the recent acknowledgement by political strategists that African-American voters may be much more pivotal to the 2016 general election than previously forecasted.
    The Open Society meeting last year, meanwhile, called for a discussion on whether it would be appropriate for the Soros group to try to “shape” Black Lives Matter in the future:

    The highest profile events, the #BlackLivesMatter convening in Cleveland and the #Law4BlackLives gathering in New York, yielded a promising critique of efforts to date and a potential blueprint for strengthening the movement going forward.

    That support calls into question how we might most appropriately support such efforts; specifically whether we should seek to shape the movement as opposed to facilitate its direct action. How do we confront the reality that such movements frequently flail as they attempt to grow and confront the challenges of institutionalizing themselves sufficiently to extend their reach? To what extent do we believe that we should play a role in helping such movement leaders connect with others that might help deepen policy recommendations or connections to sympathetic, but silent, inside actors? How can we help link such movements to existing grantees and other key actors that provide mutual strengthening?

    The 2015 document made clear that the funding to Black Lives Matter followed Soros providing funds to the Occupy movement:

    Our support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement follows other investments that have taken very different paths, including the Dreamers and Occupy Wall Street. USP grantee United We Dream (UWD) for example, a youth-led organization formed in 2009 by undocumented students and other advocates, changed the narrative about undocumented people and continues to be a major player in the immigration reform field.

    (Note: Emphasis added by this reporter in all citations of the documents).

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    George Soros has done great damage across the world as we know. The revelations about his actions to encourage more refugees, more immigration wherever he can and to effectively erase borders may bring positive actions to push back against his efforts.

    He is messing with our elections, cozy with the Clintons and just a menace to the world.
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    He is a Complete Menace and should have never been admitted into the United States. His schemes nearly bankrupted the Bank of England, he's still wanted on criminal charges in France. He's a thug who has been given a safe haven to rip off the world from within the United States. It's a national disgrace that George Soros was ever admitted as an immigrant into the United States and that he's been allowed to operate here all these years.

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    soros & hillary go back a long time....

    He & his enterprises should be banned from the US as the Russians have done. Revoke his citizenship too! - unfortunately half our politicians are his comrades.

    Every municipality affected by riots, criminal activity etc should sue him to cover the extra costs caused by his traveling protesters he hired/funded. All those harmed or suffered property damage should sue him for the highest amount they can.

    Of course city mayors like san jose's are part of his evil activity - probably receive extra funds from him for certain projects. They will let the tax payers bear the burden of riots, extra police etc.

    What soros has incited in Milwaukee is a big hate crime, a dangerous racial divide; obama is responsible too. Sheriff Clarke said "fix the ghettos - not the police"- too bad soros with his money offerings doesn't really care to to do that. His money pays for turmoil.
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    Disgusting. Shows what poor judgment and low ethics she has, right there in that picture, shaking hands and smiling to a monster for a donation. Yes, the Russians banned him. We can learn a lot from the Russians, they are not stupid people, they are very smart, very tough people. When you look back on it, we should have let them take Afghanistan. They would have cleaned up that mess. We didn't understand why the USSR refused to allow anyone to practice a religion. I did to some extent from college studies, but not fully. They would have ended this crap in Afghanistan and this country would probably be a nice country now if we'd stayed out of it.
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    George Soros documents published ‘by Russian hackers’ say US security services

    Thousands of documents hacked from the billionaire philanthropist's Open Society Foundation posted on site with alleged links to Russian state-sponsored groups

    Ben Chapman Tuesday 16 August 2016

    Russian state-sponsored hackers have published a trove of documents from the organisations of multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, George Soros, according to US security services.

    More than 2,500 documents, including strategies, plans and funding requests, from Soros-funded organisations, including think tank The Open Society Foundation, were posted on

    Open Society promotes democracy and free markets around the world, activities which have garnered some enemies in former-communist countries. The Soros communications reveal strategies, priorities and reports on European elections, migration and asylum in Europe.

    The documents also show that Open Society pumped millions into organisations supportive of Palestinian civil society organisations, including Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. Pro-Israel groups have seized on the leaks as evidence that Soros, a Hungarian-born Jewish philanthropist and holocaust survivor, is anti-Israel.

    On 3 August, the Twitter account tweeted “Check George Soros’s OSF plans to counter Russian policy and traditional values,” attaching a screenshot of a $500,000 budget request for an Open Society program designed to counter Russian influence among European democracies.

    US security services have blamed the leaks on state-sponsored Russian hackers and say the group responsible also published 20,000 Democratic party internal emails in June.

    However, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said there is “no proof whatsoever” that Moscow was involved. Earlier in August the Kremlin called the idea that Russia was behind the attacks “absurd”.

    Soros’s Open Society was initially hacked in June, a breach which was reported to the FBI and also investigated by a private security firm which found the breach was limited to an intranet system used by board members, staff and foundation partners.

    The hackers may have had access the foundation’s network for nearly a year, according to another person familiar with the investigation.

    Although Open Society has about 800 full-time staff, as many as 7,000 people have access to the intranet, which is used to circulate draft program proposals, budgets and other internal documents.

    The DCLeaks site has previously revealed emails of former NATO general, Philip Breedlove, showing he attempted to convince Barack Obama to start a conflict with Russia over Ukraine in 2014.

    George Soros documents published 'by Russian hackers' say US ...
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    Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018
    Soros has bankrolled efforts to challenge voter ID laws, register minority voters
    George Soros / AP
    BY: Joe Schoffstall
    August 23, 2016 5:00 am

    A top priority of liberal billionaire George Soros is to enlarge the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018, according to leaked documents.

    The plan to grow the electorate by millions of voters was discussed during a May 2014 board meeting of the Open Society Foundations, a liberal grant-making group founded by Soros. A 220-page guide detailing the plan was among more than 2,500 hacked Soros documents released by DC Leaks, which publishes documents from influential officials around the world.

    The guide covers strategies and tactics the group will employ in the United States from 2015 to 2018. The top goals listed by the guide are to “advance electoral reform” and “combat suppression.”

    “The following four goals form the scaffolding of U.S. Programs’ work,” the guide states. “1. An American democracy strengthened through increased meaningful participation, inclusive practice, and accountability.” The third strategic goal expands upon this, calling for “Full political, economic, and civic participation of immigrants and communities of color by dismantling the barriers and strengthening the conduits to opportunity.”

    Later, the guide discusses expanding the electorate by “at least 10 million voters” in the United States. This would be accomplished “by lowering barriers to voter registration through the various forms of modernization and increased ballot access while sustaining and expanding the franchise by establishing strong protections against vote suppression, denial and dilution.”

    An Open Society Foundations spokesperson affirmed the group’s interest in voter turnout.

    “The Open Society Foundations supports efforts to encourage wider participation in U.S. elections, and opposes measures used to try to suppress voter participation,” the spokesperson said via email.

    The leaked documents help explain why Soros has quietly funded efforts to battle voter identification laws and target Democratic-trending voters for registration.

    Soros began supporting challenges to voter ID laws in 2014.

    “We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” Soros said about the campaign in 2015. He vowed to spend at least $5 million on the effort.

    The campaign’s leader is Marc Elias, a partner at the D.C-based law firm Perkins Coie and Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer. Elias’ work on the legal project is separate from his work on the campaign, although Clinton supports the effort.

    The first in a series of lawsuits claiming that voter ID laws disproportionately hurt minority voters was filed in Ohio just days before the Open Society documents were transmitted to the board of directors in May 2014.

    Elias filed the Ohio lawsuit on behalf of a group called the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. That group was later replaced on the lawsuit when it was investigated by a state criminal agency for allegedly forging signatures and registering dead people to vote.

    Weeks after the Ohio lawsuit was filed, a second lawsuit was filed challenging Wisconsin’s voter ID laws. A third lawsuit was filed in Virginia soon afterward, a challenge Soros and Elias would ultimately lose. Lawsuits in other states followed.

    Soros has also funded recent voter registration campaigns from his own bank account.

    Soros donated $3 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC, which was established to fund the Families Fight Back campaign. That campaign aims to register 400,000 Hispanic voters in swing states before the November elections.

    J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that litigates to defend election integrity, said that Soros is spending big to transform American elections.

    “George Soros is involved in every aspect of manipulating the rules of American elections,” Adams told the Washington Free Beacon. “From funding Pew’s efforts to centralize election administration, to fueling litigation that attacks election integrity laws, to fanning the flames of racial agitation and polarization, Soros dollars are doing all they can to fundamentally transform American elections.”
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