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Thread: Heritage’s Moffit: Trump Should Order Agency ‘Inventory’ to Drain the Swamp

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    Heritage’s Moffit: Trump Should Order Agency ‘Inventory’ to Drain the Swamp

    by DAN RIEHL
    2 Feb 2017
    Washington, DC

    Robert E. Moffit, PhD., senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday about what President Trump can do to counter federal employees and bureaucrats who openly resist his administration, as well as how to drain the so-called swamp in D.C.

    “I think the most important thing to understand,” said Moffit, “is when you come to Washington with the goal of reforming government or draining the swamp is to have a deep appreciation – and I mean deep appreciation – of the immense power and political sophistication of the federal employee network and its allies on Capitol Hill.”

    He cited career civil servants, high-level congressional staff members, and special interests as key obstacles to reforming government.

    Moffit continued, “The new administration should direct the Office of Personnel Management … to do an inventory of what is needed in the different agencies to make sure they are properly staffed not only with career employees, but also non-career appointees – the political appointees.”

    “There’s a lot to do,” added Moffit, “but I would say the most important thing is personnel management.”

    As for those who wish to oppose or obstruct Trump, Moffit said, “The right thing to do if you cannot carry out the policies of a democratically elected president, the right and honorable thing for you to do is what people do all the time when they’re in jobs that they’re being asked to do things that they conscientiously object to – and that is resign. That is a very honorable thing to do.”

    “What is utterly dishonorable and intolerable is for somebody to take the taxpayer’s paycheck and undermine, attack, or resist the taxpayer’s democratic decisions,” he added.
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    Yes, it is not only dishonorable it's land-based mutiny. And don't kid yourselves, this has nothing to do with their "conscience". It has to do with numbers. Less immigrants, less people to process them in the State Department and Homeland Security. Just like less regulations means less people to enforce them. Just like a simple FairTax requires almost no people to collect or enforce it. It's about job preservation. And then of course there's the politics, mean-spirited political hacks who would not only defy the will of the people but would put the security of the people at risk to get even over an election loss and try to prevent future elections because the elected failed. There is a word for that and it starts with a "T".
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