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Thread: Herman Cain's PAC called 12 GOP senators 'traitors'; he needs their votes for confirm

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    Herman Cain's PAC called 12 GOP senators 'traitors'; he needs their votes for confirm

    Herman Cain's PAC called 12 GOP senators 'traitors'; he needs their votes for confirmation

    Aldous J Pennyfarthing
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    Thursday April 04, 2019 · 2:39 PM PDT



    Well, this is awkward.

    Herman Cain, who’s best known for not understanding that nein-nein-nein means no, is reportedly Donald Trump’s pick for a spot on the Federal Reserve Board because — well, don’t think about it too much. He just is. I mean, Trump would nominate a Labradoodle if it humped his leg in just the right way.

    Of course, it’s a nomination that requires Senate approval, and that’s particularly awkward because, well, this, from the website of Herman Cain’s PAC:

    “Herman Cain founded America Fighting Back PAC to fight back against all the D.C. forces out to get President Trump.

    “Now that 12 RINO Senators stabbed President Trump in the back, we need your help.

    “Please make a contribution to our RINO TARGET FUND right now -- and we’ll show these 12 traitors how much we’ve raised as a WARNING never to cross the American people again.”

    The “RINOs” in question are Lamar Alexander, Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Mike Lee, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Roger Wicker, all of whom voted against Trump’s fake national emergency declaration. And Cain will need the votes of at least some of these traitors in order to be confirmed.

    Of course, he very well may get them. GOP lawmakers these days have spines of boiled linguini, and Susan Collins will believe just about anything you tell her, so long as it’s preposterously untrue.

    But it’s not a good look. After all, one of these Republicans in Name Only was the Republican nominee for president seven short years ago.

    Before voting, maybe they could glean a few tips from Ted Cruz on getting the most favorable tax deduction possible after donating their gonads to Donald Trump.

    Oh, and Cain’s partner in the America Fighting Back PAC is a bona fide nutter, naturally.

    Media Matters:

    Cain is a conservative commentator and former chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City who previously ran for president but dropped out after several women reported him for sexual misconduct. He helped start America Fighting Back PAC last year to support Trump and his agenda. The organization’s chairman is right-wing commentator and consultant Floyd Brown, a birther who produced the racist Willie Horton ad attacking Michael Dukakis in the 1988 presidential election and said Obama "hates Christianity" and "is a Muslim" (Obama is a Christian).

    So there’s that.

    But, hey, why not vote to confirm crazy people who viciously insult you? It’s only our country’s future well-being we’re talking about.

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    The Traitors have been called out. We ALL know who you are, we have your names too and we are sick of your BS.

    Confirm Herman Cain and stop obstructing the President!


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