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    Hey Congress Here Are Your Brilliant Minded Dreamers

    What’s that you say Senator Durbin? You want amnesty for “hard working

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    Beckman did well at exposing the Dream Act.

    Psalm 91
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Very enlightening! And these are the educated ones. Typical anarchist, foul mouthed, 3rd world mentality. "We're not criminals, we work 10 times harder than you rednecks, you owe us, f you, blah de blah de blah." These invaders need deported before they make it to college. Gotta hand it to "beckman". The dude walked in and stirred them up. Fantastic!
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    My God, what a bunch of cretins! And these are the people that our country supposedly cannot function without? Most seem to be operating on an IQ of about -6.

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    Yep, some true colors came shining through alright. Didn't take long either did it?

    I can almost understand the position of some of these Dreamies. (I'm not talking about the thugs who posted on that dreamie forum) The parents bring them in when they are very young, they grow up here possibly not knowing of their illegal status until they are teenagers. They have established themselves in school and in many ways consider themselves American. They speak English, make good grades and are probably good kids in general. I get that part. I really do. What I don't understand is why they think the above description should entitle them to special treatment (instant legalization and/or lower cost or no cost higher education). Another thing that bothers me is Dreamies (as described above) don't seem to consider that a certain number of the criminal element will be under the blanket of the Dream Act. Like my Gramma used to say: "When you don't tend your beds, sometimes you have to pull the flowers with the weeds." We can't possibly know which Dreamie will be a productive member of society, respectful of the American way versus the Dreamie who will commit some horrendous crime against an American.

    If my parents robbed a bank (when I was 2) and somehow didn't get caught, told me of their unlawful actions 15 years later, and a year after that I go out a rob a bank and get caught- do I get amnesty and a free checking account because my parents were thieves before I was?

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    Beckman seems like a very intelligent man/woman, knew his facts, but most of all had some common sense, most people or I should say pro-illegls don't give a fig about the cost of illegals on the American Taxpayer, or on our culture, language. over crowded schools, over crowded jails, closed hospitals, etc.

    They just believe they have some inherent right to anything in our country because they are here.

    I also get so sick of hearing how hard they work and how much harder they work than Americans, yes well, I say look at Mexico and look at the United States and tell me who has worked harder at building a country, and stop giving us the load of crap they built our country.HEELLLLOOOO our forefathers built this country not your ancestors, again look at that 3rd world cess pool of a country Mexico, that is what your ancestors built!!

    But with all the free education these people received in the U.S. I would think they could go back to their home country and help fix them.
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    SoSad, they will never go back to their home countries and help build them up because that would take REAL work. When they can just get a free k-12 education and- in their minds-gov't funded college education so they can "work hard" here in a cushy,high paying job while beating us AND our children over the head with how "people like them built/benefit this country".

    They will help out their countrymen by helping them get here any way they can and fighting for amnasty after amnasty. For all their "enlightenedness" they don't seem to comprehend that a lifeboat really can only carry so many before it sinks.
    And of course when this lifeboat sinks it will again be the good old Americans fault, just like always

    Head 'em up,move 'em out Rawhide!

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    Yeesh, Ihave about 30 seconds to post here today, but this was worth stopping by. these people couldn't debate themselves out of a paper bag. If you ask me, not a single one is even college material, let alone U.S. citizen material.

    1. They cannot form a logical argument against Beckham for a single second. It's all about "racism" right out of the gate. That's not an argument.

    2. They cannot form coherent sentences in English.

    3. They do not understand the Democratic way to debate about a topic. It's all "you have no "right" to come here and talk to us like that, crap ...whine, whine, whine.

    These people are not college material in any sense of the word. We do not need dinks like this polluting our college campuses.

    And the fact that they think American owes them a living and an education on top of it., that STINKS from sea to shining sea. I WORKED MY WAY THROUGH, you jerks. That's what you do here. That's what proves if you have "it" or not.

    You people, don't have it.

    Good day.

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    hmmm illegal aliens giving their full names, maybe ICE would like a list?

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    Clearly, they have no ammunition to counter Beckman. When your entire life has been engulfed in lies and deception, you can't handle the truth. They are parasites, and we need to rid our country of them pronto.

    Anyone who visits their forum can clearly see they are vulgar ingrates unworthy of American citizenship.

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