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    Hillary Clinton accused of flip-flopping on immigration

    Not really news. Can't see how anyone can believe a word she says.

    Jeremy Baker, KENS 5 10:52 a.m. CDT October 16, 2015

    SAN ANTONIO -- Hillary Clinton addressed the citizens of San Antonio Thursday, and brought former mayor Julian Castro along for the ride. He has officially endorsed the Presidential candidate. Immigration reform was one of the many topics brought up by Clinton at Thursday's press conference.

    Like many politicians, Hillary Clinton has been accused of flip-flopping on many issues including same-sex marriage, gun control and most recently immigration. It's time for a fact check to see what San Antonio residents think about her changing views.

    "I will stand up against any effort to deport dreamers. Immigrants are vital to our economy," said Clinton.

    That was Clinton's message Thursday as a strong supporter of immigration reform.

    However, rewind the clock 12 years and her views seem to have changed dramatically.

    "I am adamantly against illegal immigrants. Certainly, we've got to do more at our borders and people have to stop employing the illegal immigrants," Clinton said on the John Gambling Radio Show in 2003.

    "It's disingenuous for her to come to South Texas and Bexar County, for us to trust her when she's constantly flip-flopping on these issues," said Republican Party of Bexar County Chairman Robert Stovall.

    "On one side, Hillary and the Democrats are now pro-immigrant. On the other side, Republicans have evolved into the most anti-immigrant group of people that you are going to find," Manuel Medina, President of Democratic Party of Bexar County.

    During her speech Thursday, Clinton said that dreamers have deep ties to the San Antonio community and deserve the chance to stay in America.

    That's why she said she will fight for them too.
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    Hillary is probably yelling at her staff right now:

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    You know, she really is a fool. No one can look at any of these candidates who support illegal immigration with a straight face, they're all on the take with the drug cartels, they're all phony liars, they're all seeking votes from illegal aliens, and none of them care about US citizens.

    Except One. Trump. The Only One.
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