June 14, 2016 Daniel Greenfield

Hillary Clinton responded to the ISIS attack in Orlando by once again touting her "plan" to defeat ISIS. Hillary however ought to start by acknowledging that she headed the foreign policy arm of an administration that created ISIS through its foolish and irresponsible Iraq policy.

Obama bolstered the Shiite central government and withdrew, setting the stage for an ISIS expansion. In doing so he and Hillary rejected the Bush era policies which had isolated Al Qaeda in Iraq and reduced the scope of its influence. Obama then continued to ignore ISIS, dubbing it a JayVee team even after it took Fallujah. Hillary Clinton did not come out against these policies. Instead she played a role in implementing them.

If she's going to tout her plan to defeat ISIS, she should be honest enough to admit that she helped create the Islamic State. But honesty has never been Hillary's strongest point.

Hillary Clinton Can't Defeat ISIS, She Created ISIS