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    Hillary Clinton Embraces Obama’s Immigration Policy and Contempt for Congress

    Triangulation Is Dead

    By embracing President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Hillary Clinton has made a significant choice, not only on immigration but more broadly with regard to the Congressional GOP,

    that she may live to regret: the choice to destroy what remains of the Clinton legacy of moderation, “triangulation” and bipartisan compromise, and to promise the voters four more years of the current Washington status quo.

    One media narrative you can expect to hear just about every day from now until Election Day 2016 is that the Republican nominee will be pulled to the right in ways that are harmful to his (or her)

    ability to win some otherwise persuadable voters, or in ways that motivate the other side’s turnout – especially on immigration.

    While there is surely some truth to the charge – all political campaigns involve choices that narrow the voters you can appeal to, and the temperature of the immigration debate on the GOP side is

    quite intense – you almost never hear about how the same dynamic affects the Democrats, in large part because so many in the media simply don’t see any position taken by any significant number

    of Democrats as being“extreme”.

    But the choice Hillary has made on immigration is indeed an extreme one, and forecloses arguments she might otherwise have been able to make to general election voters.

    more at : Hillary Clinton Embraces Obama's Immigration Policy and Contempt for Congress | RedState

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