Hillary Clinton Rebranding Herself as a Progressive For 2016

Posted on January 2, 2014 by BMartin1776

This is disturbing because the media and countless pundits are whitewashing progressives as just some other political ideology. Progressives are not what people think being forward thinking, out of the box, advancing society etc. Progressives are all about big and total government control, they are communists hiding behind progressive ID. Have you seen some of their truly nasty handiwork over time?

US internment camps -> prog Pres’ Wilson and Roosevelt (they did a lot more than just this) rounded up American- Italians, Germans, and Japanese

Nazi death camps method of execution -> idea came from progs English equivalent George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Socialist) who came up with idea of using humane gas while playing soothing music to get rid of the unwanted

Planned Parenthood -> created by Margaret Sanger to get rid of the unwanted more specifically blacks (FYI Pres Wilson is the one who segregated blacks from whites in the military)

Lets not forget the millions killed under Mao and Stalin which is never addressed who dwarf what Hitler did!

Federal Reserve, income tax, welfare/ entitlement state, the direct election of Senators via 17th Amendment, the never-ending dismantlement/ rendering the Constitution irrelevant and most of the mess we are in today is no thanks to progressives!

Keep in mind Hillary Clinton is on record identifying herself with those early 20th century progressives who are responsible for atrocities committed against mankind!