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    Hillary The Movie Supreme Court

    I don't know how many of you are following the United States Supreme Court case Citizens United vs FEC. If you're not, you should. The Supreme Court might decide that fictitious persons, like corporations, have equal First Amendment rights to political speech as real flesh and blood natural citizens. Accordingly, the Hiltons, McDonalds, and Tysons of this world might be enabled to spend as much money as they want in political campaigns. I oppose this idea 100% and I would think ALIPACers would oppose it also. The only reason amnesty for illegal aliens gets any traction in the face of overwhelming citizen opposition, is all these corporate campaign dollars. And to me it is a completely different argument whether Steve Forbes or Ted Turner or even a corporation that is owned 100% by American citizens is allowed to spend unlimited amounts on political campaigns, and whether shareholders in London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. get to spend any money at all in American elections (which is what we're allowing when we allow multinational corporations political speech.) I'm going to call my elected representatives to let them know that I'm paying attention to the Citizens United vs FEC case, and I'm going to let them know that if the Court allows foreign shareholders equal speech as me, I expect the Congress to pass a law to change that.

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    Amy, very interesting post. I agree, this merits a closer look at the implications. Thanks!
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    This is interesting and scary.
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    Reminds me of Bill Gates wanting 'unlimited work visa's' that RATBASTARD!
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