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    Home Depot $5000 Gift Card Chance

    I went to the Home Depot in Murrieta, Ca yesterday and
    when I checked out was given a receipt with userid and pswd
    on it. The clerk indicated that by going to the referenced
    web site, I would have a chance to win a $5,000 gift card. The
    receipt had instructions printed in both English and in Spanish.
    When I went to the website, the first thing is said was to select
    my language. The first one in the list was English, the second
    one was French, and the third one was Spanish.

    There were about 20 questions, mostly asking if I was a contractor,
    etc and did I get help when needed, was the store laid out
    correctly and was it clean. Also, they asked how much I have
    spent on home improvements in last 3 months. At THIS HD,
    I have never seen illegals outside in a DL campout. The survey
    was put together by some outside company. One of the
    "questions" had a place for me to submit a comment. Here is
    what I said:

    Take down your Spanish signs--they are
    insulting. Do NOT allow illegals anywhere near the store or we will boycott and go to Hanks or Loehs. ps
    clever about this survey English, French,
    Spanish, but you are placating me--not

    Thought you'd like to know. ps There is a small home builder
    company in the area who just closed his business. He said that
    the newly built homes aren't selling. He said many of the
    illegals have moved on (to where, I don't know).

    I wonder if HD's sales volume would go up if they took
    their Spanish signs down.....

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    we don't ever shop at home depot because of their continued pandering to criminal aliens.

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    Lowes is no better. Signs all over the place in Spanish, even on front door.

    Their globalists and care nothing about being an American!!

    They swear their allegience to the almighty dollar!!
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    My Home Depot is so full of illegals in the parking lot, the only "chance" you get is to come out of the store alive. I never even drive near the store anymore because they are all hanging out on streets near the entrance.

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