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    HYSTERICAL! Two Trump Supporters Had THE BEST Response to Bikers For Hillary! I Canít

    HYSTERICAL! Two Trump Supporters Had THE BEST Response to Bikers For Hillary! I Canít Stop Laughing!

    By 100% FED Up -
    Aug 2, 2016

    Too funny! Diamond and Silk did a video warning everyone about Bikers for Hillary and that they were on their way to Philly for the convention. Then the video cuts to John Kerry on a girlís bike. And then thereís Obama who rides like a girl too. There were no Bikers for Hillary, but there were Bikers for Trump and they showed up by the thousands in Cleveland to help keep the peace. Big difference there on real men versus girlie men.

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    I love these women! They are so cute and so funny and come up with the best ideas and statements supporting our dear Donald Trump!

    That was truly hysterical showing Kerry on that girlie bike. What a sissy!
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