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    I actually was able to talk to Husker for almost 2.5 minutes today. Earlier, while driving over a culvert his group got a call. In that same culvert were 30+ illegal’s that scattered as soon as they were spotted. They have dogs out looking for them. He wanted to let you know that everything planned is coming to be. He said, and I quote “It’s rockin’! What an adrenaline rush, a real heart starter!� end quote. The immigration flow is stopped where the MM have a presence, but the illegal’s think they can out fox the MM by rerouting, well so are the MM. He hopes to have internet access tomorrow so he can supply a more detailed update. Needless to say, most of my questions to him are regarding his health and state of being.

    Mrs Husker

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    Mrs. Husker:

    Tell Husker that the ALIPAC Web traffic is through the roof! I can tell by the search data that the country is looking for info on the MMP and illegal immigration. They are accomplishing their goal of bringing attention to this issue.

    Also, the ALIPAC phone lines are getting lots of calls from press and citizens that want to know more and how to help.

    Tell Husker I said "Get us the video!" the nation is ready for it and we can bring the attention to it. People are having trouble finding the MMP site...they are finding us first in many cases. Ask Husker to tell Jim and Chris that we are "directing web traffic and calls their way"

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    The tears which are rolling down my face while reading this reply are for real. I am so grateful and lucky to have a woman as beautiful, heartfully warm and supportive of her weird husband when he is off on some crusade to save the world.

    My dear, I am sorry if at times I have not been fully honest when reporting what is happening when I am "on the battlefield". I have done so to try to insulate you from unneeded fear. I know there have been sleepless nights on your side, worrying about my safety, however, as you know, the Lord has kept me alive through my earlier years for some reason, and I do not question when the call comes in.

    I heard the call with this project, and am very grateful for being allowed to add whatever small part I played in it. I simply pray that the peaceful methods of this project in the face of the extreme radical opposition, will help to wake up the sleeping dragon which is the "common" US citizen. The power which comes from this contry comes from WE THE PEOPLE. However, if the people sit silently idle, and do little other than watching american idle, or survivor, then we have lost, and what WILL be lost will be this great experement called the United States of America! IT IS TIME for one and ALL to stand up, make yourself heard, and truely present a unified voice of the true people of America.

    I am going to wrap this up, My love has just walked in the door, and I need to show her how much I love her!!!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by MrsHusker
    I can’t be there in body either, but everything I hold dear is, my husband, Mr. Husker. I was able to talk to him last night for a few minutes while he was waiting for a room key. I have yet (still hopeful on the “yet� part) to hear from him today.

    I will start with an apology for not being as articulate as Mr. Husker and for what will undoubtedly turn from a post to a rant.

    As I read some of the post on this site, I am very grateful, and wish to say thank you to all those who support the MMP. It is a blessing to know that there are AMERICAIN citizens who, in a roundabout way, support my husband, because for some illogical reason, he does not have the support of our President. Instead of thanking them for their DEFENCE of this country, he has resorted in siding with Fox in calling them vigilantes. Where is the man I thought I voted for? The one I thought would stand up and protect this country? During the presidential campaign one of the candidates was labeled a traitor. As of right now, in my humble opinion, our President carries that label. I believe my reasoning has logic. It all started when Mr. Husker went to the RNC in New York to support President Bush during the campaign. While there he blatantly lied to me every night when he called. When I asked if he was okay, his reply was “I’m fine�. Needless to say, he wasn’t. When he got home he had scratches on his face, bumps on his head and bruises all (not exaggerated) over his body. People threw glass bottles, rocks and trash at him. They jumped him and pummeled him while he was peacefully marching because HE supported President Bush. Now the man that we supported, and at great pains on Mr. Husker side, is calling my husband a vigilante.

    I don’t understand a few things. Why is it okay to fight terrorism overseas, but not here on the home front? How is it that the 90% of Americans who want to stop illegal immigration are not being heard? And lastly, what does Bush think there is to gain with this moronic “alliance� with Fox?

    Now I will apologize again that this “post� became a “rant�. Imagine poor Mr. Husker having to live with this day in and day out. Maybe that is why he joined the MMP, for the peace and quiet. (LOL)

    Mrs. Husker

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