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Thread: 'I turned out to be right!' Trump says 'we have to stop the inflow of illegals' in ne

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    'I turned out to be right!' Trump says 'we have to stop the inflow of illegals' in ne

    'I turned out to be right!' Trump says 'we have to stop the inflow of illegals' in new Facebook video

    *Donald Trump doubled down on his illegal immigration stance today by releasing a new Facebook video
    *In the spot, he shows migrant workers on top of a train called The Beast, a route that many of the most vulnerable use to enter the U.S.
    *'It has to be stopped. It has to be stopped right now,' Trump says

    PUBLISHED: 18:43 EST, 18 January 2016 | UPDATED: 19:21 EST, 18 January 2016

    Donald Trump gave himself a pat on the back today via a Facebook video where he touted that 'everybody's talking' about illegal immigration, an issue the billionaire brought to the table.

    'I turned out to be right,' Trump said.

    He again outlined his plan to build a 'great wall' between the United States and Mexico, which will have a 'beautiful big door right in the middle' for legal immigration.

    Donald Trump released a Facebook video today where he bragged that he 'turned out to be right' on illegal immigration. Trump noted that 'everybody's talking' about the issue now

    In his new ad, Trump again details his plan to build a border fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, which would include a 'beautiful big door' for legal immigrants to pass through

    The 57-second long spot is more accurate than a television ad he released earlier this month, which talked about the U.S.-Mexico border, but showed visuals from the Morocco border

    'I took a tremendous amount of heat when I started talking about illegal immigration,' Trump said in the quick, 57-second long video.

    Trump also took heat for inaccuracies depicted in his first television ad, which was released right after the new year, where he also bragged about his plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it.

    In the spot, swarms of people are rushing over a border fence as the voiceover talks about Mexico.

    The border crossing is instead happening in Morocco, a cool 5,000 miles away, reported Politifact, which labeled the Trump spot 'pants on fire.'

    Today's video's visuals are more based on fact.

    'We have to stop the flow of illegals coming into our country,' Trump says, as a photo is splashed up on screen of migrant workers riding the roof of a freight train.

    The train is known as The Beast and travels from the southern Mexican town of Arriaga up to Mexico City and then toward the U.S. border.

    Donald Trump's new Facebook video featured this visual while he talked about stopping 'the flow of illegals coming into our country.' The photo indeed shows migrants on The Beast, which is how many of the most vulnerable central Americans make passage to the United States

    The original photo ran alongside a story from May 2013, which detailed the harrowing journey migrants took on the 'Train of Death' to eventually get to the United States

    It's nickname is the 'Train of Death,' for killing and maiming hundreds of migrants who come from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras or Nicaragua.

    According to the Guardian it eventually makes its way to the United States and is often 'the route of choice for the poorest and most vulnerable.'

    'With the route north increasingly difficult and expensive, there is anecdotal evidence that an increasing number of Central Americans have given up on the idea of trying to get to the U.S. and are instead hoping to stay in Mexico,' the Guardian reported.

    However, the migrant issue is still indeed a problem with refugee advocates last week complaining that the Obama Administration is sending mixed signals, according to a report from Reuters.

    Within the United States, the Department of Homeland Security recently conducted deportation raids on Central American families who had fled the region.

    This Associated Press photo is also from the Daily Mail's 2013 story on the dangerous train ride central American migrants are taking in order to cross into the United States

    (please click on the source link below to view video)

    At the same time, Secretary of State John Kerry announced last Wednesday that the United States will work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in order to help people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras apply for refugee status in order to enter the United States legally.

    'That frankly leaves us scratching our heads and leaves us wondering how the administration could be talking about the refugee resettlement issue in such different terms," Wendy Young, the president of Kids in Need of Defense, told Reuters.

    Young's organization helps children who have entered the U.S. immigration system by themselves.

    While refugee advocates are left perplexed, the current position of the U.S. government seems to be much in line with Trump's ideas of how illegal immigrants should be handled.

    He wants those who have illegally crossed the border to be deported and then come back to the United States using legal means.

    'People are going to come into our country and they are going to come in legally and we want people to come in and we want to treat people fairly,' Trump said in the Facebook spot.

    That being said, the illegal part needs to be siphoned off, Trump said.

    'It has to be stopped, it has to be stopped now,' the billionaire said, finishing his ad.
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