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Thread: As ICE makes aggressive push in Trump era, immigrants take refuge

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    Post As ICE makes aggressive push in Trump era, immigrants take refuge

    As ICE makes aggressive push in Trump era, immigrants take refuge

    Posted February 8, 2018 at 5:26 AM

    By Dana Afana

    DETROIT - Federal agents have been more aggressive and less selective about arresting immigrants and pursuing deportations in the year since President Donald Trump took office.

    They've also been far more effective, according to supporters of tighter immigration enforcement, and far more reckless, according to immigrant advocates.

    "Everybody who is deportable is now a priority," said Ruby Robinson, managing attorney of the Michigan Immigration Rights Center, which saw requests for legal aid double last year.

    "And there's limited discretion in who is not going to be detained. Pretty much anyone who is deportable is going to be sent to deportation hearings."

    He said Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been detaining people in situations "you wouldn't ordinarily see before," including cases involving dialysis patients and people with mental illnesses.

    Ded Rranxburgaj has been living inside a Detroit church since Jan. 16 to avoid being put on a plane and sent back to his native Albania.

    Rranxburgaj, a restaurant worker with no criminal history, cares for his wife, who suffers from a debilitating case of multiple sclerosis.

    "My dad has been here for 17 years," said his 15-year-old son Eric Rranxburgaj. "He's paid his taxes. He's paid his rent. He's done every step of immigration as they've told him to, and it's been perfectly fine all the time. And then when Trump became president ... he was told that he was getting deported."

    As ICE makes aggressive push in Trump era, immigrants take refuge

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    Do the hearings via SKYPE and fast track them out of here!
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    The requirement that illegal aliens receive a court hearing before they can actually be deported is a left wing scam designed to sabotage effective immigration enforcement. It is hugely expensive and many wait for years before their cases are heard and,of course, most simply disappear into the general population. They are not American citizens are not entitled to Constitutional protections like American citizens, and any judge that pulls the Constitutional protections crap should be removed from the bench. If foreigners get caught being alien squatters, ICE should be able to put them on the next buss out of the country escorted by armed guards I am sick of liberal/Marxists judges who twist and bend the law to sabotage the most basic common sense efforts to have a country of our own. The United States does not exists for the benefit of every damn foreigner in the world.

    We need to pressure congress to pass legislation REQUIRING ICE to immediately deport illegal aliens caught in the interior and if some Marxists activists judge pulls his crap to block it, he should be forced to resign. We need more power to make this happen. That means all of you reading this needs to double down in time, money and effort and play incessantly on the conscience of family and friends to participate, even if it is a little. As one pundit said, politics is war by other means. And in war or any fight, it becomes a test of wills. We must out work and out contribute what the enemy within does.

    First order of business DEFEAT DACA. Drag the treacherous Donny DACA Trump kicking and screaming to deport all DACA. He has a bad case of bigshotites. Lets cut him down to size. Back to the phones, take out those credit cards, there is always a little more money somewhere you can contribute even if it is just a few bucks. Get those cheap, selfish friend and family to give you a few bucks to pass along.

    Persuasion and getting people to change their minds is not a matter of one brilliant argument, it is a process of attrition. Wear them down with repetition and arguments, questions to which they can not provide a good contrary answer.
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    Skype is cool! But make it on the spot in a jail cell. But best is to cut out the crap that our Constitutional protections apply to every one of the 7.6 billion people on planet earth. No it does not and when it was written it was never intend to be. We protect foreigners from harm because we are a civilized society not because they fall under the authority of our Constitution.
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