This one is a real "looker"? Obama needs to ban molotov coctails!.
Please not that this violence was planned by an Obama Supporter that should probably be given an one way ticket to GITMO for terrorism. JMO


by BRANDON DARBY 16 Jan 2013
A Wisconsin activist was arrested Tuesday at the state Capitol building just hours before Governor Scott Walker was to deliver his State of the State Address to Wisconsin lawmakers.

The man, Kvon R. Smith, had reportedly used Facebook to threaten to do harm at the Capitol. Law enforcement was ready for him and arrested him as he attempted to enter the building. Smith then reportedly claimed to have a Molotov cocktail in his backpack. Police evacuated portions of the capitol building and a bomb squad reportedly arrived and handled the backpack. Police did not say whether or not the backpack contained the explosive device the man allegedly claimed it did.

A search of the man’s apparent Twitter account reveals deep sympathies for Palestinians, support for other liberal and far-left causes, and claims of previous felony charges. Smith has also expressed support for the newest leftist movement, which previous Occupy supporters are beginning to flock to, named "Idle No More." Less than 24 hours before being arrested, Smith stated on Facebook: "I'm in support of the Idle No More Movement."

Two hours after writing his support for the new activist movement, Smith posted this video on what authorities verify is his Facebook showing the bottles he claims to have intended to take to the Wisconsin Capitol building.