February 13, 2014
David Lawrence
The American Thinker

Some Americans think that America is so good that it's their moral obligation to let everyone in to share in the joyous holiday of being American. They assume that anyone who becomes American is lucky. Wow, what a big break for a foreigner.

Well, maybe it's no longer so great here. After all, Obama ran on "change." And the country has changed during his administration. It went downhill.

Maybe we don't have to feel guilty for not letting foreigners become Americans. Perhaps they could do better elsewhere. Perhaps Obama's new America, with its change for change's sake, is not good for them.

Who knows? Perhaps letting foreigners in will end up in their being shot in a school or a movie theatre. Perhaps they will be on unemployment lines, gluing food stamps to their foreheads.

I think our pro-immigration cheerleaders are having flashbacks to a pre-Obama America -- a country that had a strong economy, a consistent set of values, and a hegemony that fused a beautiful collection of different people into one.

Simple-minded liberals cite that America was founded on diversity -- a nation of immigrants. Who cares? The past is the past, and the future is a result of understanding the problems with the past when projected into the future.

The Mexicans and the Swiss make citizenship for foreigners difficult. Why shouldn't we?

Foreigners secure their own borders and then sneak in through the holes our silly generosity makes. We are afraid to call them illegal aliens because honesty has become alien to us.

We have no moral obligation to allow all people to become Americans. They are not undocumented citizens; they are illegal aliens. An undocumented citizen is someone who has lost his papers, not someone who has sneaked into the country. Not an illegal alien.

We do have an obligation to keep America American, to have English as our national tongue, and to follow our laws rather than sharia and other barbaric customs.

This is no time to give foreigners jobs. We are in free fall without a parachute. It's time that we made it more difficult rather than easier for foreigners to move here.

We do not even have the ability to determine who is a terrorist and who would make a good citizen. Ask some of the legs buried without torsos in Boston. The Tsarnaev brothers were given scholarships.

Obama favors immigration amnesty. You'd think he is a loving man who cares about illegal aliens until we remember that he cares more about their votes and less about employment for our citizens.

Laissez-faire immigration is the sloppiness of tenderness without thought. Robert Frost wrote in "Mending Wall," "Good fences make good neighbors."

I think that Frost was a bit brighter than the average college professor who wants open borders and ill-defined morals. He will be remembered for centuries. The illegal aliens will not be remembered unless they murder someone. The progressive fools marching for their own unemployment will shout at us, but their voices will be lost in the wind.

Enough illegal aliens. They are not undocumented citizens. As Gertrude Stein said about Shakespeare's line, "a rose is a rose is a rose." Or in this case, "an illegal alien is an illegal alien is an illegal alien."