Illegals Unlawful Profit from Crimes

By Thomas Paine
/ 9 December 2014

There are any number of laws which prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes. Most famous are those which prohibit criminals from writing books about their crimes and reaping any monetary gains from the ales of the books.
But there are other such laws which bring to mind the situation with criminals/illegals. Those laws deal with forfeiture of assets.

In everyday language, if something is “forfeited,” it means that an owner voluntarily relinquishes the property. In legal forfeiture actions, however, “forfeited” property has been taken by the government without compensation, not voluntarily given up.

Federal and most state laws allow both civil and criminal asset forfeitures. In civil asset forfeiture, action is taken against a person’s property or assets, not against an individual. A person’s property is the target of the legal proceeding, and the owner is secondary. The owner does not have to be arrested or convicted of a crime to have his property taken. By contrast, criminal forfeitures occur against a person after conviction for an underlying criminal offense.

Perhaps there are legal eagles who have considered this action as a remedy for the massive theft of services by criminals/illegals. If there are such persons, they are encouraged to pursue this action to help save America.

It is agreed the main reason the USA border has been under constant siege, for decades, primarily from Mexico, is people break into the USA, against the law, to profit from their unlawful actions. And they do!

In fact, they indeed profit from their unlawful actions, costing taxpayers trillions to educate, accommodate and medical the 20-40 million criminals/illegals in the USA. The 11 million figure is a figment of imagination.

Mexico gets back $40-50 BILLION every year from the criminals/illegals in the would be impossible for that profit to mexico if there were only 11 million criminals/illegals in the USA.

Politicians on both sides of the border have been complicit in this monumental fraud going on for at least forty years.
Of course, the leftist/marxists/Democrats always cry "they only come for a better life," which taxpayers are forced to pay hundreds of billions to provide against their collective will.

Most egregious is the fact pregnant women break in illegally for the purpose of profiting from having their babies born in the US.

These women are profiting from their illegal actions and their child profits as well. This should not be permitted under US law.
Initially the hospitalization and birth represent millions of costs to US citizens. Then the illegal mothers profits from having acquired US citizen children and with that comes untold millions more in profits from the original crime of breaking into the USA.

American citizens do not support the misreading of the intentions for US citizenship for children of illegals. It was never intended for border-crashers, but stipulating that diplomats on duty in the US could not have the privilege of citizenship for any child born while he/she served in the US.

If respectable diplomats were barred from acquiring citizenship for a child born in the US, how did it happen that criminals/illegals, who break into the US for the purpose of stealing what citizens had created, have gotten away with trillions of dollars in theft through their illegal actions?

In Los Angeles and San Diego, California, it is reported a majority of babies born there have illegal mothers. That is, the woman broke into the USA for the purpose of having a baby who would then be a US citizen. All costs paid by US taxpayers. That's fraud on a gigantic scale.

This action devalues the citizenship of all rightful American citizens.

It is partially responsible for the rampant lawlessness that is taking hold of the country with entire communities flout US laws of every kind and violence is an every day hallmark.

In fact, giving birth illegally becomes a DOOR PRIZE to criminal/illegal mothers for breaking into the US to have their babies at taxpayer expense.

To add insult to injury, after giving birth, at taxpayer expense, these illegals proceed to profit from their fraudulently born children by being given all types of welfare...including education, medical care and other benefits.
Obama's current unlawful amnesty, against the will of the American people and Congress, is exploiting this nefarious situation whereby criminals/illegals, who broke into the US and had babies at taxpayer expense, are again rewarded for their criminal actions.

All assets acquired through the initial action of breaking into the US unlawfully should be subject to forfeiture - not reward...which is what Americans have been demanding.

Instead Obama is buying future votes for the Democrats...forcing the very people who will be harmed into paying for his actions.

What Obama should do regarding the untold millions of criminals/illegals is to make an executive order that all criminals/illegals forfeit all their ill-gotten profits from their unlawful conduct of breaking into the USA.

Those that agree might consider sending this to their congressional senators and representatives. Also, to media outlets interested in the truth. They must then turn a deaf ear to the sure-to-follow cries of "racist."

The leftists/marxist/Democrats have an impressive ability to pull the strings on the media, and thereby the American people.
The truth is simple: anyone who breaks into the USA unlawfully is a criminal/illegal. The motives for the crime are irrelevant. And they should reap NO PROFITS FROM THEIR UNLAWFUL ACTIONS.