The Rhino is on city commissions. He goes to economic development confernces and seminars. Also multi city group functions. Recently he has noticed that there is illegal immigration support among economic developers and some planners for cities, that run contrary to the people in those cities. This is occuring because:

1. These people deal with businesses more than citizens and hear only business side.

2. Many Developer/Planners come from business.

3. There are a lot of classes on diversity and inclusion at seminars to brain wash participants. these seminars and conferences are often underwritten by business.

Many of you are very contientious about communicating with government.
Maybe we could:

1. Call our cities economic developers city officals, and community development people and let them know our feelings. At this level they are usually quite approachable.

2. Ask that city groups that sponsor seminars etc. give equal time to opposing veiwpoints.

3. Make philosophies concerning providing favors to illegals election issues.

I saw a survey in my State 6 months ago that showed citizens consider city government the most influential in there life and community of the 3 levels of government. (City State Federal)