Injured Swedish cops FORCED TO PAY FINES to their Syrian attacker from Quran-burning riots

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Five law enforcement officers are being forced to pay damages to a Syrian migrant who was convicted for severely injuring one of them during the Quran-burning riots during Easter of 2022, a daily newspaper in Sweden reported.
The cops are being told to pay a fine amounting to 12,650 Swedish krona ($1,212) from their own pockets to the 45-year-old Syrian who has been sentenced to two years and seven months for his role in the violent uprising. "It feels like something has gone terribly wrong in the legal system here. We are there and doing our job, yet individual police officers must be forced to pay out of their own pockets to people who really wanted us dead," said Aleksandar Jeremic. He is the group leader in a civil suit involving the Botkyrka local police and one of the five police officers ordered to pay court costs to the foreign national, Dagens Nyheter reported.
The Quran riots, which began in Orebro's city park and lasted several days, were triggered by far-right activist Rasmus Paluden burning a Quran in Sweden. The judge in the case is defending the decision to fine the police officers. "I understand if it appears offensive from the police's point of view. But no mistake has been made, the rules are as they are. The issue of damages was separated into a civil case, and the police withdrew their claims, so they are considered the losing party and must pay," said Orebro District Court Councilor Johan Nordgren.
The criminal case and the civil case were handled as two separate matters. The Syrian was sentenced to over five years in prison, which was later overturned by the Supreme Court and reduced to two years and seven months. However, the Supreme Court decision also destroyed the officers' civil case. The judges there argued that officers are not entitled to damages in a case of "gross sabotage against police operations" because it is considered a crime against the state and not against individual police officers.
It was reported that many policemen were badly hurt by the rioters in Sveaparken and they were sent to the emergency room. Among them was Johan Westberg, who was hospitalized with a severe concussion and hand injuries that are expected to take years to heal. He is one of the cops requesting damages after the assailant was sentenced to prison for "gross sabotage against police operations."
Many observers believed that the officers were bound to lose the case. So, Westberg and the others just withdrew their claims for damages. But as per the procedural code, anyone who withdraws their civil case is considered to not win the case and must pay the other party's legal fees. Thus, the severely injured officers are now being forced to pay the suspect. "I don’t intend to pay a penny. Then, they better foreclose on me. This is so wrong, I was in Sveaparken as a service (provider), it was not optional to work," said Westberg, who has filed an appeal to the Gota Court of Appeals.
Ester Andersson Zandvoort, their legal representative, said it is very strange how the case was separated into a criminal and civil case to begin with. "It is the same claim for damages as in other trials and in none of the other cases has it been separated. Surprisingly, this judge has acted this way. We will appeal," she said.
German MSM blames riot on right-wingers

German public-funded media giants pointed the cause of the violent rampage at the time to Sweden's "problem with right-wing extremism."
In a social media post, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) told its followers that there were "riots at right-wing demos" in the city of Malmo. "After the approval of right-wing rallies, there were riots again in Sweden during the night." Only far below in the article are readers informed that there were "clashes" between "counter-demonstrators" and the police, with no mention that these "counter-protesters" were Muslim-Arab youth, with many of them screaming on video "Allahu Akbar" while setting police vehicles on fire.
According to Remix, the German article seems to be an attempt by the ZDF to downplay the role of Muslims in yet another public disturbance in the already highly troubled immigrant neighborhoods in Swedish cities. In Germany, all residents are forced to pay license fees for broadcasting television networks ARD and ZDF, which are both known for their extreme leftist ideology bias. (Related: REAL or STAGED? Sweden’s drone surveillance EXPANDED due to violent gang wars.)
Watch the video below that talks about Swedish defense officials warning citizens to prepare for war with Russia.

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Injured Swedish cops FORCED TO PAY FINES to their Syrian attacker from Quran-burning riots –