I currently live in Miami and I find it tragic that Spanish is the primary language in one of our largest American cities. What is even more disturbing is how rude the Cubans are when confronted by someone who does not speak Spanish.

I lived for three years in France and the French government restricts the amount of English content on radio and television. In addition, all government signs are and forms are in French only. This forces immigrants to assimilate into the existing French culture.

I am not stating that immigration is bad, after all, our country benefits culturally and economically from immigrants. What I do have a problem with is the Cuban community that refuses to speak or learn English. People in key government positions in Miami Dade can hardly speak English...shame on the politicians who refuse to take a stand.

My wife is French and we had to jump through all kinds of hoops so that she could reside and work in the states, yet a Cuban simply has to land on shore and they cannot be deported.