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Thread: James O’Keefe: If Media Covered Project Veritas Like They Covered Trump Tape, ‘I Guar

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    James O’Keefe: If Media Covered Project Veritas Like They Covered Trump Tape, ‘I Guar

    James O’Keefe: If Media Covered Project Veritas Like They Covered Trump Tape, ‘I Guarantee You Trump Would Win the Election’

    18 Oct 2016

    James O’Keefe of Project Veritas appeared on Tuesday morning’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about his latest undercover videos, including one that exposes efforts by Democrat activists to incite violence at Republican political events, and another in which a New York City elections commissioner admits to widespread voter fraud.

    O’Keefe said he has never seen anything like the response to his Democrat-violence expose, which has become an “Internet phenomenon.”

    “You and I have worked together for probably six, seven years now,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. “We know that the media is corrupt and biased. It’s become a cliche. But this is something I’ve never seen. We’re like the barbarians at the gate. There are millions of people on Twitter who are trumpeting this. I’m getting 10,000 retweets, and yet not a single crack in the mainstream media.”

    “We’ve done stories where the New York Times will do a little blog entry,” O’Keefe allowed, but otherwise, there has been “nothing, nothing” written in the mainstream media about his recent work – even though, as he noted, the activist that he caught on tape admitting to organizing political violence to benefit the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign has now resigned from his position.

    Marlow summed up the state of Project Veritas’ investigation: “You’ve infiltrated a Clinton Super PAC. Not only have you exposed that they claim to be communicating regularly with the Clinton campaign, which is illegal, but they are putting in massive amounts of resources to quite aggressively create violence during the Trump rallies, and then plan to blame them on Trump.”

    After Marlow played a clip from the undercover Project Veritas video, O’Keefe said it was “evidence of criminal campaign coordination violations,” since “a Super PAC can’t work with Hillary’s campaign.”

    “The great news is, there’s no circumstantial evidence. It’s solid. The piece is bulletproof,” he added. “There hasn’t been a single negative comment from any left-wing media company trying to undermine this because there’s nothing they can say.”

    “Let me tell you something else: Bob Creamer goes to the White House. My undercover was invited to the White House,” he continued. “Now, I couldn’t go because I couldn’t get in. I wouldn’t dare use a fake ID. That’s illegal. But I was invited to the White House. I was on White House conference calls, my team was. And they were working with the Hillary campaign. Bob Creamer in the video says Hillary knows what’s going on, through the chain of command. The problem is, these are not low-level people for them.” (Bob Creamer is one of the activists captured in the undercover Project Veritas video.)

    “Now they did axe Scott Foval, who is not either a low-level person, but they’re trying to make him take the fall,” O’Keefe continued, referring to the other star of the undercover video, who was removed from his position with Americans United for Change on Monday. “Scott Foval makes it explicit. He says, quote, ‘The Clinton campaign pays the DNC, the DNC pays this outfit called Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays my organization, and we go out and we do the …’ and then the expletive.”

    (Here O’Keefe was carefully avoiding a term for bovine excrement, which Foval employed as a euphemism for his group’s organized effort to violate campaign finance laws. His quote, edited for profanity, was “and we go out and we do the s*** on the ground.”)

    “By the way, the reason we were able to gain access to all these institutions is because we spent a year – a year – building relationships with these people,” he added. “Unlike conspiracies where there’s circumstantial evidence, this is explicit, it’s illegal, there’s documents to back it up.”

    As for what comes next, O’Keefe teased, “We talked about how this election is rigged? You won’t believe what you see later today. We’ll be done with this production in a few hours, export it, and I’ll make sure I send you a copy of it so you guys can cover it.”

    He said that what Project Veritas does “requires patience, and it requires focus.”

    These are qualities the mainstream media lacks, in O’Keefe’s estimation. He complained about “a media environment where, first of all, yesterday you turn on the television and you see a corgi walking up stairs. That’s what Fox was playing. I kid you not. They were playing cats playing patty cake. The media is not only corrupt, they’re complacent, and they can’t question power because they need access to that power.”

    “Trump is a proxy vote,” he continued. “Even if you don’t like Trump per se, personally, he’s the proxy vote against the corrupt media and complacent Establishment because if Trump were to get in, these journalists would lose all their access. They would not be able to have their status quo, and it is literally a fight for their very survival.”

    He said mainstream media reports understand that if Trump wins, “they’re sidelined, and they have no power, and they’re panicking right now.”

    “What you see with this investigation is, you see the fact that they’re panicking, the fact that they are freaking out. I mean, I’ve done many stories. I think this is the biggest one we’ve ever, ever done,” O’Keefe said. “I mean, we’ve done some things where people have said some terrible, disgusting things, but this is White House-level stuff, and not a single journalist has reported this. Not a single mainstream media journalist.”

    He recalled meeting Andrew Breitbart and showing him some earlier undercover videos about the advocacy group ACORN, prompting Breitbart to declare, “James, this is going to embarrass the New York Times.” O’Keefe remembered Breitbart accurately predicting that the media would be “dragged kicking and screaming” into covering the story.

    O’Keefe echoed that comment from Breitbart in a tweet today about his latest expose, saluting the power of social media to bypass traditional media gatekeepers.

    “Here’s the thing that didn’t exist eight years ago. Right now, on Twitter, it’s nothing short of a phenomenon,” he said. “I have never, ever seen anything like this. I mean, ten thousand Twitter followers a day, and there’s like thirty thousand people on Reddit – an army who are just tweeting at journalists and emailing journalists, flooding their inboxes: ‘Why the hell aren’t you covering this?’ That didn’t exist. That did not exist eight years ago. We did not have this type of army.”

    He expressed some disappointment with Fox News and other outlets that might normally have been willing to break from the mainstream media herd.

    “My sources have told me this story was spiked by major – I don’t want to call them ‘friendly,’ but people who you’d think would be friendly to our type of journalism,” O’Keefe revealed. “This story was spiked, last minute, by corporate people. And the reason why they spiked it, I suspect, is because they’re afraid of retaliation and retribution from a Department of Justice, whether a future Hillary Clinton administration, or a current White House Department of Justice.”

    “We don’t have a separation of powers in this country,” O’Keefe declared. “These publicly traded media companies can’t do it. They can’t get blood on their hands. They can’t break news. We are living in an American Pravda. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this. The more true it gets, the worse it gets. They’re not going to not cover this story, Alex, because it’s false. They’re not gonna cover the story because it’s true. And the more lethally, effectively real the things that we’re exposing, the less likely that companies are actually going to expose it.”

    “That’s it. All you have left are the citizen-journalists in this country,” he warned. “That’s all we have left. Here’s what I’m going to do today: I’m going to activate our army, and I’m going to flood the inboxes of these journalists. I’m going to shame them. If nothing else, they’ll respond to the tweets and come up with some excuse.”

    “Brit Hume tweeted at me, from Fox, yesterday, and he said, ‘We need to look through this.’ And I tweeted him back, and I said, ‘Brit, I reached out to Fox one week ago. I emailed your reporters. You can come to my office. I can come to your office. I can show you the raw tapes if you’d like. You can vet it. But don’t give me the excuse that you gotta look at it. You guys aired for a week, for a week, you aired the hidden camera sex audio,’” he recalled, referring to the tape of Donald Trump making lewd comments more than a decade ago.

    “If this video was aired for seven days, I guarantee you Trump would win the election. I guarantee it. So the media’s choices about their assignment editing is political, and we’re gonna get around it by activating our army,” O’Keefe declared.
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    Just watched the ABC propaganda world news and they are still whining about the People magazine reporter and said she has 4 or 5 people to back her up. And of course Obama with his smug smile calling Trump a whiner was the front and center story. There was nothing at all about the Verita's tapes but they did have one small mention about Podesta's emails-the one about Hillarys vice presidental picks being divided into food groups. Tomorrow night will be the same old same old as Hillary the finger pointer will bring up the Trump assaulting woman crap again all the while smiling her stiff fake smile and walking in front of the Donald to make it look like he's stalking her. Just so sick of this crap.
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