10 Feb 2016

Everything wrong with Jeb Bush can be summed up in his approach to border security and American sovereignty. As we all now know, the former Florida governor considers illegal immigration an “act of love” on the part of the illegal immigrant sneaking into America illegally. Wednesday morning on “Morning Joe,” after barely getting out of New Hampshire alive, Bush repeatedly described frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on foreign Muslims as “horrific.”

You don’t have to agree with the idea of Trump’s temporary ban to see the benefits of such a thing, or why two-thirds of Republican voters in a moderate state like New Hampshire would agree with it. To describe such a thing as “horrific” is not just hyperbole on Bush’s part, it is pandering to the DC Media.

The worst terror attack on domestic soil hit us just a few months ago in San Bernardino, California, and one of the two jihadists snuck into our country using a fiancée visa. She was not properly vetted by the federal government.

ISIS is promising to seed Syrian refugees with their fighters, and did so successfully in last year’s tragically effective Paris terror attack.

We’ve been told by no less than the F.B.I. that our government cannot properly vet refugees from war-torn areas like Syria, a country from which Obama is importing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees. We’ve also been told that there are ISIS investigations in all 50 states. We don’t know how many of those being investigated are refugees or immigrants, but it’s safe guess too many are.

As far as Jeb’s condescending, sanctimonious “act of love” nonsense, he sounds no different than Obama or Hillary; someone pandering to identity politics, to lawbreakers who cost law-abiding taxpayers a $100 billion per year, and the jobs of working class citizens and legal immigrants who do play the rules.

Jeb sounds proud of the fact that he is not on the side of Americans. Rather than protect and look out for Americans, he’s making foreigners a priority. He also sounds like a rape denier.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump not only promises to back his fellow citizens, when it comes to illegal immigration and a temporary Muslim ban, he proves he’s willing to withstand all kinds of media hell to keep that promise.

Jeb might actually believe this un-American garbage. Or he might be a puppet of the mega-corporations who save gajillions exploiting illegals at the expense of Americans and legal immigrants.

Either way, his priorities are a suicide pact for America and the Republican Party.