Jill Stein: ‘Every Vote for Clinton Is a Rubber Stamp for Elitist Corruption’

15 Oct 2016
Washington D.C.

“Every vote for [Hillary] Clinton is a rubber stamp for elitist corruption,” says Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein.

Dr. Jill Stein

The DNC had already selected Clinton before the primary began. Every vote for Clinton is a rubber stamp for elitist corruption.#DNCLeak

“Our political system could not be more rigged. Then-CNNer Donna Brazile (DNC chair) fed HRC CNN questions in advance,” Stein’s party added, similarly highlighting the corruption of the Democratic Party primary exposed in the Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks.

Stein separately tweeted out an article which described how a WikiLeaks-released Clinton campaign email revealed that a “former Democratic Party official [who] played a key role in drafting the super delegate provisions… offer[ed] the [Clinton] campaign a plan to dupe Bernie Sanders supporters into feeling like they ‘won’ a major superdelegate ‘reform’ at the Democratic National Convention.”

“This is despicable. Don’t waste your vote on corporate Democrats who ‘dupe’ people,” Stein wrote, in response to the report.

“Corporations were originally chartered to serve us. Now they dominate our politics. Only one party is left for you to #InvestYourVote,” Stein wrote, adding: “This race has 3 corporatists and only 1 progressive. Make your vote count for people, planet and peace over profit.”

Stein has written extensively about how the WikiLeaks-released emails have exposed the corporate control of the Democratic Party and Clinton’s support for “corporatist” policies.

“#PodestaEmails Wall Street’s Michael Froman, head TPP pusher, planned Obama’s cabinet in Oct. 2008.

#FollowTheMoney,” Stein tweeted, linking to an article from Zero Hedge on a WikiLeaks email which revealed “how Wall Street built the Obama cabinet.”

“Bill with Hillary’s support enacted Wall St. deregulation that led to 2008 crisis. Leaked speeches show she still favors dereg,” Stein’s party recently tweeted.

“Walmart ex-board member @HillaryClinton praised the offshoring, union-busting, small biz-killing chain in speeches,” Stein tweeted as she promoted an article from The Intercepttitled, “Hacked Emails Show Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Praised Wal-Mart in Paid Speeches.”

“Hillary Clinton supported NAFTA, now opposes it; negotiated TPP and now opposes it too. #WhichIsIt #PodestaEmails #VoteGreen2016” Stein’s party wrote on Twitter.

Stein has explained that the TPP “would give multinational corporations power to challenge our laws.”

Yet, as multiple reports have documented, Clinton played a “leading part in drafting” TPP and praised it as the “gold standard” of trade agreements.

Stein suggested that the leaked emails have given the American people good reason to believe Clinton is not trustworthy:

Dr. Jill Stein

Lincoln: Honesty is the best policy.

Clinton: You need both a public and private position.

11% of Americans deem Clinton trustworthy.
3:01 PM - 14 Oct 2016