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    Joe Biden's big amnesty plan stuns even the open-borders activists for its 'boldness'

    January 16, 2021
    Joe Biden's big amnesty plan stuns even the open-borders activists for its 'boldness' and 'ambition'

    By Monica Showalter
    The American Thinker

    If anyone thought the low-legitimacy Joe Biden presidency was going to be a tip-toe unity caretaker operation, they had another thing coming.
    Biden's getting right to work on a huge, unpopular amnesty plan to reward an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants with instant green cards and a "right" to citizenship after a mere eight years. He's cynically planning to put it in place with the expectation that Congress will swing to the Republicans in 2022, based on public opposition.
    According to Politico (emphasis mine):
    Biden has said he plans to “immediately” introduce an immigration bill after taking office on Wednesday. And top Latino and immigrant advocacy groups who’ve seen details of the coming package said they were stunned by the boldness of Biden’s plan.
    On Thursday, Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, policy advisers and three Latino Cabinet nominees met with advocates to outline the president-elect’s immigration, coronavirus and economic agendas.
    Hector Sanchez Barba, head of Mi Familia Vota, who has criticized Biden on immigration policy in the past, wouldn’t share specific details discussed in the private meeting. Still, he said, Biden’s plan “is the most aggressive agenda that I have seen on immigration reform from day one — not only the legislative package, but also executive orders.”
    In the meeting, Susan Rice, who will lead Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, was adamant that the incoming administration wasn’t about to introduce comprehensive immigration reform to simply let it sit on a shelf, said Jess Morales Rocketto, executive director of Care in Action.
    “We were totally floored by the immigration plan and the level of clarity,” she said.
    According to the Los Angeles Times:
    Both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have said their legislative proposal would include a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the U.S. without legal status, and The Times has confirmed the bold opening salvo that the new administration plans in its first days doesn’t include the “security first” political concessions of past efforts.
    Three things make it hugely problematic and the first two of them are unintended consequences, a specialty of Joe's, the man Robert Gates called "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." The third, of course, is very likely intentional.
    First, the prospect of nearly instant citizenship is very likely to trigger a border surge. Legal immigration lines can take ten or twenty years to get through, and cost immigrants thousands of dollars in fees. Illegal immigrants, by contrast, will get through cost-free, beyond the expenses they to cartel human smugglers. What's more, the whole process will be completed to the U.S. citizenship level in a very convenient eight-year time-frame, which just happens to be the length of a second Biden term. Who the heck would want to immigrate legally with such a Biden offer? Legal immigration to the U.S. would be a fool's errand, given the rewards held out to illegal aliens. That in turn will pretty well dismantle any semblance of rule of law through the legal immigration process. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services government agency will become essentially useless, as will any effort to enforce border law. Customs and Border Protection agents will lay back like blue city police agencies, refuse to stick their necks out on calls, and think about their pensions.
    Two, a border surge in turn would destabilize Mexico and all the feeder countries likely to be sending their surplus populations.
    Start with Central America, though there will undoubtedly be African and Asian nations sending surges of people, too. In Central America's case at this point, the people coming will not be surplus population, they'll be seed-corn population. Countries like Guatemala and El Salvador have already exported too many people of prime working age to the U.S, leaving these countries low-growth shells that are unlikely to see normal economic growth. These countries literally cannot afford to send millions of new emigrants to the U.S. given their own needs. And with these nations exchanging their talent base for cold inanimate remittances, the inevitable result will be what the IMF has noted of failed remittance economies: Underdevelopment.
    Second, let's look at Cuba and Venezuela: The nations there are socialist hellholes whose policies literally drive people out. People leaving amounts to a pressure valve reduced, and that benefits those governments, reducing potential for internal dissent. That in turn permits them to operate as they do, with zero concern for changing their ways. Biden's new open borders policy will effectively entrench those socialist hellholes as migrants from those countries flood into the U.S. The Venezuelans in particular can be expected to come, given that other Latin American countries are getting resistant to them and shutting their doors. Though most are just pitiful, some have brought in enough crime and social disintegration to harden perceptions.
    Now let's move onto Mexico: There's a myth in the U.S. that the U.S and Mexico have a free and open unguarded border. That's nonsense. There may be a lack of U.S. enforcement at the border but rest assured, power abhors a vacuum. With the U.S. barely present there is a group guarding entrance to the border and it's not a pretty picture. Mexico's infamous drug cartels control access to the border mostly from the Mexican side, and they collect crossing fees for every illegal immigrant who passes. No fees, no crossing, and anyone who tries without paying ends up in mass grave. Mexico is full of incidents like these for those who failed to pay the cartels to cross the border. A border surge will be increased "business" for the cartels, including a hiring spree of more cartel soldiers, and huge upswings in cartel profits. When cartel profits get large, the cartels have more money to pay off judges and politicians, and if the profits are really large, challenge the government. Lucky Mexico.
    And let's not forget the people themselves, the would-be migrants responding to the dinner triangle rang by Joe for all the supposedly free goodies. Illegal immigration is often a horrible thing for emigrants given the many ways they get exploited. Last September, a movie called "America's Forgotten" came out by Indian-American filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral on the illegal immigrant trade. She began the project with a neutral perspective and by the end of it was horrified:
    According to Newsweek (and be sure to read the whole thing):
    One scene shows a clip from the Democratic presidential debates where the moderator says, "Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants," and all of the candidates lift their hands, including eventual nominee Joe Biden.
    The documentary then cuts to "coyotes" who use video of that debate moment to encourage Mexicans to hire them to escort them illegally across the border, where they'll get health care, food stamps and other benefits, they are told. Then the film shows "Maria"—who uses an assumed name to keep her safe—explaining how, during her trek to the U.S. border, she was "sold" multiple times by various coyotes and ultimately was kidnapped by a drug cartel.
    She was raped five times a day for two months. It's just sick. We had to stop shooting a few times because she was beside herself crying," Gujral, a registered Democrat, told Newsweek.
    And this is just a snippet of the horrors of the illegal immigrant trade.
    The only beneficiary here is Joe Biden and his open borders lobby.
    They seek to blur the distinction between foreigner and citizen and legal and illegal. From the LA Times:
    “What we don’t want is to militarize the border,” he said. “We don’t want to demonize and dehumanize and criminalize an immigration process.”
    As for Biden himself, the aim of course is to create Democrat voters. There is a precedent for this, it was done in 2004, by Venezuela's socialist president, Hugo Chavez, who "nationalized" more than a million illegal immigrants in Venezuela just in time to get them to vote for him in his recall referendum of that year.
    According to Miguel Octavio, writing in The Devil's Excrement blog on Venezuela at the time:
    In March
    2004 when the Presidential Recall Referendum (RR) process was in its way the
    Electoral Registry (RE) had 12,394,109 voters. In a multi-tiered campaign that
    Chavez called “Batalla de Santa Ines” a big push was made to add new
    voters to the RE. That’s how the Misiones were created: Mision Robinson, Mision
    Ribas, Mision Vuelvan Caras, Mision Barrio
    Adentro, Mercal, Mision Milagro, Mision Identidad, Mision Zamora, etc.
    A variety of public assistance efforts offering anything from food, health
    care, education, land, temporary jobs and of course money.

    Mision Identidad offered foreigners living in Venezuela a fast-track
    nationalization, no questions asked, as long as they showed support for Chavez.
    Everyone that benefited from the �misiones� was registered in the Maisanta
    database and if they were not already part of the RE they were immediately
    entered in a joint effort between the CNE and the ONI-DEX (the National Identification
    Office). By July 2004 the RE had grown to 14,037,900 an incredible 1,643,791
    new voters or 13% in just 4 months.

    In August
    15th, 2004 Chavez won a widely denounced Referendum with 60%-40% advantage that
    in the exit polls showed as 40%-60% against him.
    According to this University of Cologne study:
    Criticisms of the campaign included the allegation that naturalizing hundreds of thousands of formerly undocumented immigrants tampered with the foundation of political representation.
    Which sounds like Joe Biden's plan, too. Joe Biden is widely believed by the public to be in power in the U.S. through Venezuela-like election fraud, the signs of it are abundant all over. His immigration plan sounds remarkably like Venezuela's too. Biden seems to be taking Venezuela's hideous immigration story not as a cautionary tale but as a how-to guide.
    The worst of it is its cynicism. Biden expects to get the whole thing done before his party can be thrown out as a consequence of all the anti-American things it plans to do. Even Politico found a Democrat congresswoman who admitted that this was precisely the Biden plan:
    Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) said a “piecemeal” approach is not an option. “The administration has a very limited window of opportunity before House members begin running for reelection,” she said. “Every day that passes is a day that the window shuts just an inch more...We’ve got to get it done in one fell swoop.”
    Rather than changing course to make the whole thing palatable to the public and consider U.S. citizens' interests, Biden means to charge on through, against the people's will, and let the chips in Congress fall where they may. He sure as heck is acting like a guy for whom public opinion doesn't matter. That generally happens with people who weren't elected legitimately.

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    Biden Commits Illegal & Impeachable Offense Stopping Deportations of Illegals

    “illegal, unconscionable deportation freeze.”

    For National Release | January 22, 2021

    Share & Discuss this press release by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (LINKED HERE) .. (PARLER IS DOWN) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (SLUG HERE) .. (BRIGHTEON HERE) .. (MEWE HERE) .. (CLOUT HUB HERE)
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