John Kasich battles to stay on PA ballot

The State Column, Sam Catherman | March 14, 2016

Ohio Gov. John Kasich may be out of luck in the state of Pennsylvania, after a petition called his place on the ballot into question.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is in the midst of a huge battle that could determine the candidate’s fate in the state of Pennsylvania. According to a report from CNN, the candidate’s fate hinges on a decision surrounding a petition that could render a number of the candidate’s ballot signatures ineligible.

The technicality is currently being disputed by Kasich’s team of layers in Harrisburg, PA. It has remained quiet until recently, when Republican candidate Donald Trump tweeted about the issue to his followers. Trump called for Kasich to remove himself from the race, saying that he should not be allowed to remain on the ballot in Ohio on Tuesday.

Trump’s tweets aren’t exactly accurate, however. Kasich remains on the PA ballot, and his campaign signatures have already been certified by the Pennsylvania secretary of state.

The issue arose when Nathaniel Rome, a student at the University of Pennsylvania and the chairman of the Pennsylvania Students for Rubio, filed a petition calling the signatures submitted by the Kasich campaign into question. A candidate needs 2,000 signatures to be placed on the PA ballot, and Rome alleged that 802 of Kasich’s 2,184 signatures were ineligible for submission.

Rome submitted his petition just 13 minutes after the deadline to do so, so it remains unclear as to whether or not it will be taken seriously. Katich needs Pennsylvania to stay in the race, and having his name removed from the ballot would be disastrous for his campaign.