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Thread: Journalist Kidnapped By Muslim Militants Exposes Shocking Truth About Obama

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    Journalist Kidnapped By Muslim Militants Exposes Shocking Truth About Obama

    Topic - Obama.+ Unvetted muslim migration..

    Journalist Kidnapped By Muslim Militants Exposes Shocking Truth About Obama

    Posted on September 5, 2016
    by Dom the Conservative

    British journalist Anthony Loyd escaped kidnapping and torturing by Muslim militants only to discover that his abductor now has a new sponsor.

    Anthony Loyd is a British journalist who was kidnapped, tortured, and forced to watch as other hostages were beheaded by Islamic militants before he miraculously escaped. However, not long after fleeing to safety, Loyd had shocking information that exposes the Obama administration in the most horrifying way.

    In May 2014, Times reporter Anthony Loyd and photographer Jack Hill incredibly made a daring escape from a gang of Syrian rebels after they were abducted, mercilessly tortured, and held for ransom.

    Knowing that journalists and activists are often beheaded and shot by the militants for Islamic propaganda, the pair knew they had little chance of survival unless they tried to flee captivity.

    Unfortunately, they failed on their first try.

    Loyd will never forget as Hakim Anza, AKA Hakim Abu Jamal, looked into his eyes and shot him twice at point-blank range in the ankle as punishment for fleeing. Luckily, the men survived the torture and successfully fled a second time to Turkey where they were treated at a hospital.

    However, it wasn’t until 2 years later that Loyd saw something that instilled the same stomach-churning feeling he felt while in captivity. The Times reports that Loyd was watching a video of U.S. President Barack Obama’s “newest ally in the war against ISIS” and saw the face of his kidnapper and torturer. Loyd reveals that the footage highlighted his Muslim kidnapper, Anza, as one of the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels which Obama’s CIA claims are vetted as “moderates.”

    In the video, which describes sub-commander Anza and the Syrian fighters as a CIA-vetted “moderate” rebel group, the kidnapper was celebrating a victory in northern Syria on August 17.

    It was the face of a man I last saw in May 2014 when he leant forward to shoot me twice in the left ankle at almost point-blank range while my hands were tied. It was punishment for having attempted to escape his gang of kidnappers in northern Syria who had hoped to sell me on.

    He shot me in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, after a savage preliminary beating, denouncing me as “a CIA spy”. Now, it seems, he works with them.

    Loyd was horrified to see Hakim Anza (center of right photo) the man who kidnapped and shot him working as a CIA-vetted “moderate” rebel.

    Loyd’s horrifying revelation proves that Obama is financially backing these rebels who are just as dangerous and extreme as the ISIS jihadists he’s pretending to combat. It also shows that CIA-vetted rebels are directly involved in the kidnapping and murder of innocent civilians, including U.S. citizens.

    Last month, however, video surfaced of Hakim Anza proving that he was not only free but was also serving in a CIA-vetted Syrian rebel group, First Regiment (al-Fawj al-Awwal), which was receiving US weaponry, including Tow missiles, as well as air strikes in support of their operations. In between times he appears to be based in southern Turkey, where he takes orders from the Hawar Kilis Operations room.
    Loyd revealed that Centcom, the U.S. Central Command, refused to explain how an infamous kidnapper effortlessly passed Obama’s screening process. However, an anonymous Pentagon official acknowledged that U.S. air support was repeatedly offered to Anza and his men.

    Of course, there’s no denying that the Obama administration was well aware of Anza’s background, as the New York Times reported on his war crimes from his camp four years ago. It was during this time that Anza reportedly wired a vehicle to explode once it reached a Syrian Army checkpoint, only to watch the explosives fizzle.

    Obama’s Syrian rebels are responsible for a long list of war crimes, including the kidnapping and deliverance of American journalist James Foley. The rebels handed Foley over to ISIS militants as a token of allegiance to the Caliphate and the journalist was later beheaded.

    PJ Media provides an extensive compilation of reports condemning the Obama-backed Free Syrian Army rebels, which reaches as far back as July 2014, many of which include abductions and ransoms. Perhaps the most shocking report contains a video of Syrian rebels beheading a child soldier.

    When Obama took office in 2008, Bush had left his predecessor with just “700-or-so” scattered jihadists to easily decimate. Thanks to Obama’s incompetence and Islamo-sympathizing, the group grew to over 30,000 well-organized militants in 2 countries by 2014.

    Obama still continues to laud the effort of his so-called “moderate” rebels and continually sends financial support and military equipment to the very men responsible for kidnapping, torturing, and killing American citizens and Western journalists. He might as well be directly funding ISIS, although his pandering and refusal to effectively combat the terrorist group seems to be assistance enough.

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    See, this is what Trump means when he said he knows ISIS better than the Generals. This is why Trump said let Russia handle Syria. This is why Trump wants the US to stop nation-building. All because we don't know who these people are, where they're from or what they're up in Syria or anywhere else.
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    US-Trained Special Ops Fighter Is The Islamic State's New Top Commander In Iraq

    by Tyler Durden
    Sep 5, 2016 6:53 PM

    Just days after the news hit that ISIS' main propaganda officer, Mohammad al-Adnani, one of the Islamic State's most prominent leaders, the second in command of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as well as the unofficial spokesman of the terrorist organization, was killed (with a scandal promptly erupting between the US and Russia over who had taken him out), the power vacuum that formed at the top of the Islamic State has been promptly filled, after former Tajik Special Forces colonel Gulmurod Khalimov became the top ISIS battlefield commander in Iraq, after defecting last year and swearing jihad against the West.

    Gulmurod Khalimov

    Khalimov is set to take the position vacated by Abu Omar al-Shishani, also known as Omar the Chechen, who was killed in the Iraqi city of Shirqat, south of Mosul. in early July and whom the Pentagon described as Islamic State's "minister of war."

    What makes the ascent of Khalimov particularly embarrassing for the US is that The former paramilitary unit commander of the Tajikistan armed forces received his battlefield training from American advisors and even came to the United States on several occasions to receive special counterterrorism training through the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

    Then last year, Khalimov defected to ISIS where the Daesh forces in Iraq welcomed the new addition to their ranks with open arms especially since he was acquainted with US military and intelligence tactics. Subsequently, the American trained former Special Forces colonel Gulmurod Khalimov received a promotion within the terrorist organization, and has become the group's Iraqi battlefield commander just weeks after ISIS refused to officially announce that Khalimov had been promoted to the top ranks of the terrorist organization out of concern that he would become a high-priority target of US led strikes in Iraq, but Iraq’s Al Sumaria news agency exposed the promotion through a source in Nineveh province.

    The placement of Khalimov to lead the terror organization’s Iraqi forces is a bit unusual for the Islamic State, who normally maintain only "second and third ranking commanders who lead militants in [Nineveh] province," according to the Al Sumaria source. These Daesh militants tend to keep a low-profile to prevent being "detected and destroyed" by US Forces who remain in a support function in Iraq explained the source.

    Khalimov's high profile defection has understandably been a concern for US officials for some time, with the US State Department labeling him a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224 on September 29, 2015 designed to prevent the transfer of currency to individuals known to hold leadership roles in terror organizations. The United Nations Security Council Resolutions and al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee further added Khalimov, who is also a fugitive wanted by the Government of Tajikstan, to its sanctions list in February 2016.

    In any case, as has so often been the case in the recent past, a special ops military expert by the US, is now engaged in deadly combat wih his former teacher; further adding to the paradox, his weapons and supplies have also been provided by the US: an odd outcome which, as many have pointed out, benefits just one group: the shareholders of the US military-industrial complex, which always wins no matter who, or how many lives are lost.

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    A link to his persian speaking land Tajikistan - central asia, and surrounding lands that are pristine and should be the safe zone for ALL THE REFUGEES from that part of the world. Why should EU be forced to take muslims that would be happier in a muslim environment? Because they won't get welfare payments or find women to rape, seniors to rob or private property lawns to defecate on.

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