Kay Hagan Dodges Questions at VA Event

Vulnerable Dem prefers that voters guess her positions on critical issues
BY: Andrew Stiles //
June 24, 2014

Senate Kay Hagan (D., N.C.) / AP

Senator Kay Hagan (D., N.C) visited a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Fayetteville on Monday, but the event was “closed to the media and she did not speak to reporters afterwards,” according to local news.

That’s par for the course for Hagan, who has a habit of fleeing from reporters who might ask her take a position on a controversial topic, such as Obamacare. With respect to the VA healthcare scandal, which looks worse by the day, Hagan waited a full month before releasing a public statement, and even then did not call for VA Secretary Erick Shinseki to resign. (Shinseki eventually resigned on May 30.)

While running for Senate in 2008, Hagan repeatedly promised to create a “world class” health-care system for veterans, and has recently boasted about “keeping our promise to our veterans.” But now, with a tough reelection fight ahead, she’d rather not answer any questions about it.

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