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    Oh nooooooooooo

    I didn't think of that! You are so right Junius! Now THAT is scary!
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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    Not that I look for them, but here is a company that makes bras in the USA

    Hope that helps.

    I will not buy any food products or containers that are made in COMMUNIST CHINA. They do not have the same regulations that we have here and cross contamination is quite common from what I understand.

    I too am tired of politicians who do not understand what our Constitution is and create laws that are destructive to the very foundation of our nation. It is time for us to stand up and say enough already. We need to gather in droves to protest and we need to show them with our votes that we are tired of those elected to represent us being bought and paid for by corporate interests.

    Finally, we can all do something to help, not just by complaining about it but do something. Run for local state and federal offices. Our voices mean a lot but our actions speak louder than anything.
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    And those rich, famous and politicians at Davos....can you believe Michael Douglas was there?

    Sharon Stone gave them such a good idea to stop malaria....netting!!!!

    John Kerry was there flouting his riches, thinking he will have a global world.....the president of Nestle's said he thinks his vision of a global world is disappearing.......I hope so!

    Have you noticed it's just the rich that our pulling for global economy and one world?

    George Soros is for this too...a big contributor of

    By the way, is George Soros a legal citizen?
    Do not vote for Party this year, vote for America and American workers!

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    China has horrible working conditions and lax environmental laws, which is why they are so cheap. This needs to END , but what congressman will speak out on this?? This is insane. EVERYTHING THAT IS MADE IN AMERICA CAN BE MADE CHEAPER IN CHINA. EVERY JOB AMERICANS HAVE CAN BE DONE CHEAPER.
    Again, I wonder how many of these employees voted for Bush..? Kerry at least talked about outsourcing..

    F$@#(@*(ucking bastards......

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