Krauthammer: Obama Using Immigration Reform as a Weapon

Posted on October 17, 2013 by BMartin1776

Krauthammer is correct obama will use immigration as a weapon to advance his radical agenda. The nation is heavily divided at this point the push for immigration will put the final nails into us. Obamascare already a disaster, economy (stealth depression) barely hanging on, national debt just shy of $17,000,000,000,000Ö we are on life support.

Now if you want to kill this patient that is on life support so as to bring back it back as a progressive utopian version of Frankenstein, what better way to do that than ramming ILLEGAL AMNESTY down our throats. For the record kids his majesty and his army of drones won this recent battle! Krauthammer suggests the emperor wont get the support but I disagree the radicals have the wind on their back and have since the election!

We were warned there is a bill coming from the House. Yea where has Paul Ryan been during the debt debate? Ryan is a numbers guy, strong on the debt etc and he was MIA over the last month. He and others have been working on a House version of the Senateís immigration bill. Ryan made it clear that they would be introducing an immigration bill in October. Well here we are and obama said he is going for immigration next!

Look we are already at DEFCON3, immigration fight will take us to DEFCON2. Darth Hussein has proven he will do anything and everything to provoke us to get us to DEFCON1 and then itís game over! This is why I have been saying repeatedly since the cockroaches came out of the shadows over defunding obamacare to start recalls or primary challenges. We have to scare the hell out of DC to not even consider moving forward with amnesty.