August 03, 2010
The Lame Duck Session Could Get Lamer
Jack Kemp

There has been much concern about the Obama administration attempting to ram through various bills, such as Cap and Trade, after the November elections when Democrats will have no fear of influencing voters against them -- especially if they have just lost their election bid.

Elizabeth Letchworth served in the United States Senate as Secretary for the (Republican) Majority and the Minority, with 26 years of service in the Senate. Writing at Project Shining City, she points out:

"But, there are 6 U.S. Senate seats that are different. They are the seats where appointed Senators were selected to fill vacancies like the one created when Pres. Obama won the Presidency. They are CO, DE, FL, IL, NY & WVA. The state election law in each of these states (except NY) says that once the Nov. elections take place the winner of the Senate race becomes the Senator right away, and doesn't wait until January to be sworn-in."

In other words, the Democrats could lose up to five Senate seats if the voters in Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois and West Virginia are disgusted with the moves of the Obama administration and elect Republicans and Ms. Letchworth urges us all to tell our friends in those five states to go vote because their vote really does count in the Lame Duck session.

Being able to filibuster Cap and Trade shouldn't hang by one vote. ... ld_ge.html