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    Laura Ingraham: Laura debunks the 'labor shortage' myth! hammers Tea Party Express

    Laura Ingraham

    Laura debunks the 'labor shortage' myth!

    VIDEO: Listen to Laura slam Tea Party Express' Sal Russo on immigration.

    Share if you agree with Laura that false claims concerning the supposed 'labor shortage' in this country is feeding into America's decline.

    Laura Ingraham hammers Tea Party Express' Sal Russo on immigration

    Laura Ingraham, Sal Russo, Tea Party Express, Jeff Sessions, immigration

    Video at the Page Link:
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    Tea Party Express Leader Sal Russo Joins Bandwagon Claiming Immigration System is Broken

    Suzanne Hamner 10 hours ago

    Why is it that any time either political party wants to revise, overhaul or create laws to control a portion of the population, the target law or new law is always referred to as "reforming" or "fixing" a law or system that is "broken?" Americans have heard this broken record time and again from politicians seeking to garner support from one special group or another. As has been indicated before, any politician using the word "reform" never turns out good for America or her citizens. It was seen with Obamacare's gutting of America's health care system and in the past with immigration. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself with immigration – again. The debate on immigration has continually made news and is now a pot of boiling water on the stove – roiling, hot, steamy and bubbling to the top.

    Things have changed this go around with the immigration though. Sal Russo, co-founder of the Tea Party Express in 2009, has expressed his view on immigration. As the group's chief strategist, Russo claimed he did not embrace any specific immigration legislation nor did he want to dictate the outline of any particular deal. Russo stated conservatives need to have a voice in the debate.

    According to Russo, in a call arranged by conservative activists who back legalizing illegal immigrants, "Today, a lot of conservatives, when they hear immigration reform, what they really hear is amnesty. And that vocabulary needs to change. It's in our interest to change the broken immigration system."
    As has been asked before, "What about the US immigration system is broken that needs to be changed?"
    It's a simple question and one that should be able to be readily answered. As usual, no politician or supporter of any type of "immigration reform" can or will answer the question. All that has been tossed out to the public is awarding amnesty to the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants already in this country, increasing the number of immigrants entering the country over the next decade, and lessening the penalty for those in violation of immigration laws while "promising" border security – again. This tells Americans what will be changed with "reform," but does not tell Americans why this has to be done.
    In another slap to the faces of Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike have proposed an option toward some type of legalization under the annual defense bill that would "promise a path of citizenship to illegal immigrants who agree to join the military."
    This would seem almost outrageous; but, considering the source – political parties jockeying for votes in an election year – this is par for the course. Maybe these party members who proposed this lunacy can tell the rest of America how an illegal immigrant can take the oath to support, protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, when they are not citizens, can be considered invaders, and hold no allegiance whatsoever to this country or her people?
    What is even more ludicrous is Democrat Senator Richard Durbin from Illinois announcing a hearing to be held next week to discuss this proposal, known as "The Enlist Act."
    Along with the inane proposals by clearly delusional politicians on both sides of the aisle, one of the co-founders of a conservative activist group has now declared support for "changing the broken immigration system." One has to wonder who gave him some of the Beltway Booze along with the Congressional Kool-Aid. According to Russo, immigration won't rate high in tea party endorsements and expects the groups to focus on core economic issues.
    Can no one see the correlation between immigration "reform" and economic issues?

    The group who helped organize Sal Russo's announcement, The Partnership for a New American Economy, cited a poll that indicated a "majority of voters who sympathize with the tea party would be open to granting legal status to illegal immigrants, with strict conditions attached."
    Now there's a definitive stance – granting legal status with strict conditions attached. What are those strict conditions? The "majority of voters" sympathizing with the tea party are supportive of legal status with strict conditions so surely someone must have a list or what those conditions are. Americans would like to review these conditions while evaluating the list of what is broken in the immigration laws and system.
    Neither list will be forthcoming as it is all rhetoric to push any immigration law change through that adds voters to the base while allowing illegal immigrant criminals to roam our communities. If that isn't bad enough, Obama has authorized the release of violent illegal immigrant criminals while supporters of immigration, members of Congress and other special interest big business groups have remained silent. To be blunt, those supporters of any "pathway to citizenship" or "obtainment of legal status with strict conditions" or "The Enlist Act" approve of violent criminals roaming our communities committing atrocities against our neighbors, ourselves and our families.
    Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, from Alabama, has continued to lead opposition to an immigration bill saying "American should be worried about pressure on Congress from big businesses that are going for more low-wage workers who, he said, will undercut their pay.
    In a speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Sessions stated, "It is not xenophobic, but compassionate to say we should focus our attention on helping struggling American workers. It is not xenophobic, but our patriotic duty to defend the integrity of our borders and the rule of law. It is the oath we all took as Senators to defend the Constitution of the United States."
    Many in Congress have forgotten their oath of office or just refuse to do their duty. It is obvious in their complacency when the occupant of the People's House continually ignores the rule of law by picking and choosing what to enforce or by legislating through executive order. The duty of the federal government to protect from invasion has been disregarded in favor of political party clamoring for votes to maintain or gain power. Nothing about immigration "reform" has anything to do with the betterment of America.
    While immigration may be last on the list of issues for conservatives in some polls, one issue that should be at the forefront is the enforcement of the law of the land, which is the US Constitution. This, by far, should be the most important issue. It is one that can correct many of the problems plaguing America today. Politicians and special interest groups are directing the attention of the public to all the details in order to steer them away from the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the erosion of America through the desecration of the Constitution.
    Citizens must begin looking at the forest instead of focusing on the trees – seeing everything in a Constitutional construct regardless of rhetoric.

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    Laura Ingraham Hammers Tea Party Express' Sal Russo on Immigration

    on Breitbart TV 15 May 2014

    Tea Party Express Chairman Sal Russo defended his support of comprehensive immigration reform and cited a Michael Bloomberg-funded group to support his position on Laura Ingraham’s radio show on Thursday. Russo also expressed his support for an agricultural guest worker program, while suggesting that the United States had a massive labor shortage that it needed a new influx of immigrants to fill.

    Despite this, Russo claims that he is on-board with anti-amnesty Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a claim Ingraham strongly disputed.

    “The broken immigration system line, Sal, I mean, when I hear that my ears bleed, OK, because that what Schumer and Pelosi and Jeb Bush and Leahy and Durbin that’s what they always say when they justify the fact that our laws are not enforced,” Ingraham said.

    “However you cited the group Partnership for a New American Economy in your op-ed, which is an organization supported by Michael Bloomberg,” she added. “Michael Bloomberg is basically in favor of an unending supply of foreign workers coming into this country to take jobs in this country, and he’s in favor of an all-out amnesty.”

    “One would hope that the Tea Party represents America, right?” Ingraham continued. “And yet you’re all in on this, and you can say you’re with Jeff Sessions but I imagine if I call Sessions up now and ask him after reading this op-ed you wrote, ‘Are you [Russo] with Jeff Sessions?’ I think he would say ‘Uh, no.’”
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