Jim Hoft Nov 13th, 2016 9:33 am

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is under serious consideration for Trumpís White House Press Secretary.

This is good newsĖ

Laura currently has one of the top radio shows in the US and is founder and editor of Lifezette.

Laura was a staunch Donald Trump supporter and defender throughout the 2016 election.

The Hill reported:

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is under serious consideration to be Donald Trumpís White House press secretary, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

Trump appreciated Ingrahamís loyalty through the campaign. A former white-collar defense attorney and Supreme Court law clerk, Ingraham helped Trump with debate preparation. She also campaigned on his behalf and offered occasional strategic advice.

With the possible exceptions of Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Breitbart, no media figure or outlet did more to promote Trumpís candidacy than Ingraham.

She used her profile as a Fox News contributor, her nationally syndicated radio show and her website LifeZette.com to advocate on his behalf. Trump also tapped into Ingrahamís years of dirt-digging on the Clintons to sharpen his attacks on the Democratic nominee.

Ingraham would not comment for this article. A source familiar told The Hill that sheís in contact with people in Trumpís inner circle and has expressed interest in the role.

The president-elect and his inner circle hold Ingraham in the highest esteem. They view her as tough, admire her rhetorical skills, and believe sheíd powerfully convey Trumpís anti-establishment message.