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    White House Press Secretary: 'We’re Not Just Going To Sit Around And Wait' For Congre

    White House Press Secretary: 'We’re Not Just Going To Sit Around And Wait' For Congress To Write Laws

    by Charlie Spiering
    26 Jun 2014

    President Obama, tired of waiting for Congress to act on immigration reform, is currently exploring ways to address issues with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

    During an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained that the Obama was getting impatient with Congress.

    “[W]e’re not just going to sit around and wait interminably for Congress,” he explained. “We’ve been waiting a year already. The president has tasked his Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson with reviewing what options are available to the president, what is at his disposal using his executive authority to try to address some of the problems that have been created by our broken immigration system.”

    Earnest added although Obama was exploring executive action, it was “not a substitute for robust Congressional action” on immigration reform.

    “That’s why we’re trying to focus on getting that done,” he concluded.

    Obama has been heavily criticized after his 2012 executive decision to defer the deportations of some young illegal immigrants which critics argue was a key incentive for more children to cross the border illegally.
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    If we had a working Congress this would be a good time, considering the present border calamity, for the House to produce a powerful enforcement bill. Give that White House guy a message that we are through with his messages,

    Oooops, oh well, requires a working House of Representatives and...oh well, excuse me for taking your time, (sigh)

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