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    Letter to House Judiciary Committee for Ramos/Campeon

    go to click on committees on the left. then click on judiciary committee. and send em some mail.

    here is my letter...................

    as an american citizen i am shocked, pissed off, and very frustrated that the judiciary committee COULD NOT or WOULD NOT have hearings into the false trial and conviction of border patrol agents IGNACIO RAMOS AND JOSE CAMPEON who are facing jail time for shooting at a KNOWN ILLEGAL MEXICAN DRUG RUNNER.
    James sensenbrenner PROMISED hearings between the election and the end of the year (2006) and nothing happened. Now in ten days these guys are going to prison. Apparently it does not matter to the white house or that mexican-american who is the atty general that 200,000 people have signed online petitions, made phone calls to the white house, the DOJ, and our elected officials. I guess its habit in DC for elected officials to lie to the american citizen but this case is absurd.

    As an American,I also must question the association of the border patrol agent in Wilcox, arizona who, (beside being a childhood friend of the drug runner), basically spearheaded the investigation (by contacting a dept of homeland security OIG) that led to the arrest, trial and conviction of these two HEROES. they stopped almost 800 pounds of pot from getting into the hands of the american youth and yet they are prosecuted for civil rights violations, discharge of a firearm in a crime, violation of the 4th amendment and other charges that are so stupid its not even funny. Since when does a known and admitted drug runner get immunity, free medical health care at US taxpayer expense, then before the trial gets arrested again, this time with 1000 pounds of pot. and Since he was already on immunity, this arrest was hidden in a sealed indictment and never made known the the judge, prosecutor, defense, or the jury.
    and speaking of the jury, what about the three affadavits that have come forward stating they were harassed and imtimidated, including one juror who has said "next week is spring break and im not going to be here" or the jury foreman who came back into the room and told the jurors" we will not be leaving here without a verdict" a 9-3 vote for acquital one day goes to 12-0 guilty the next day?? how strange and wrong is this?? were these votes changed because of the statement from the jury foreman, i do believe so.

    I also believe that the prosecutor lied over and over in the trial and also went out of her way to have items and testimony kept from being heard. then even dismissed the testimony of a DOCTOR who told her that the only way the injury could have happened would have been if the drug runner was sideways to the agents. even though she INSISTS he was shot in the back. because "HE WAS JUST GOING HOME TO MOMMY" YEAH right, and im the freaking pope. LIES LIES LIES. that is what this case is based on.

    As an American citizen, I can not understand how the words of a drug runner (who changed testimony on the stand three times) has more merit than the words of two border patrol agents who had no discipline problems in the time they worked there. In my opinion, these two agents should have the verdict thrown out, and if a new trial is ordered, it will be done without Debra Kanof being the Lying prosecutor that she is, and thus the real truth will be known. It should also take place somewhere outside of the El Paso area since most of the people who live there also have family live in Mexico and could be considered a slight bit of conflict of interest.

    Ms. Kanof did not let the facts of the border patrol agent in wilcox, or phone calls between the mother in law of the drug runner to the mother in law of the wilcox agent in the trial. She has been quoted in papers before as saying "when in court, its my lies against your lies" what kind of prosecutor is that? The courts are suppose to get to the truth.

    I demand the judiciary hearing that should have taken place two months ago as promised by dendenbrenner. and they need to start TODAY

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    Very good letter!
    Build the dam fence post haste!

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