Liberals can no longer be mugged by reality

The propaganda and the brainwashing of the left has become so intensive, so pervasive, that "mugging" has no effect.

September 3, 2018

Liberals can no longer be mugged by reality

By Ed Straker

We used to be told that conservatives are liberals who have been mugged by reality. The problem is that the propaganda and the brainwashing of the left has become so intensive, so pervasive, that "mugging" has no effect. Liberals can be assaulted again and again by reality, but will still hold true to whatever has been programmed into them by primary and secondary schools, by the media, by popular culture, by universities and by their peers.
Take the case of Mollie Tibbetts, the young girl who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien. Any normal father would have been outraged about the lack of controls of our border which directly contributed to her death. Instead, Mollie's father, Rob Tibbetts is incensed that people are "using" his daughter's murder to call for better border security. He claims that those who want to enforce the law are racist against Hispanics, conveniently blurring the lines -- most illegal aliens are Hispanic, but many Hispanics are not illegal aliens. Tibbetts spouts the standard liberal talking points that illegal aliens contribute to the American "tapestry" in "all its color". Except that sometimes they don't contribute to the tapestry at all, and they are mostly coming in only one color and more importantly one culture, a failed culture, and they are coming in such numbers without any kind of assimilation that they are actually displacing American culture.

Tibbetts refuses to see any of that. If the rest of his family were murdered, no doubt he would say the same thing, despite that fact that if we had control over our borders, his daughter would almost certainly be alive today. He is a liberal whose mind cannot be changed by being mugged by reality.
The same goes for liberal blacks who complain about police brutality. Ninety percent of black murder victims are murdered by... other blacks. While there may be a handful of rogue policemen out there, it is undeniable that, statistically speaking, a black person is a hundred times safer in the company of a policeman than he is in another black person (especially a young black man ages 18-29).

Liberal blacks ignore the slaughter of blacks by other blacks. Instead of demanding more police protection, they want less. Reality, in the form of the death of their peers, has no effect on them.
The same can be said of the liberal Europeans, personified in human dumpling form by Angela Merkel, who welcome millions of Islamists, whose culture is entirely alien and incompatible with their host countries. When an Islamist rapes a German woman, or beheads a man in London, or runs over a crowd in France, liberal Europeans call for knife control, or truck control.

The same goes for the latest craze, so-called transgenderism, which has a huge 40% suicide rate. But death no longer deters liberals. They are determined to promote this lifestyle no matter how much unhappiness it causes, no matter how many it kills, instead of trying to treat it like the mental illness it is.
I think liberals can no longer be mugged by reality because their belief system has become so intense, so cultlike, so laden with virtue and yet so barren of facts. They are so far from reality that truth seems like a fantasy to them.

Ed Straker is the senior editor of the Newsmachete Twitter Feed.