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    Lindsey Graham and his BS

    Senator Graham has made it clear he wants to legalize most of the undocumented. He just hasn't said anything very believable in support of his opinion. ... truth.html

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    "Well be sure to let him know why he "SUCKS!"

    E-mail: ... atorGraham

    Contact information for Linsey Graham ... eLocations
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    Reflections, opinions and observations (and even an occasional report!) about illegal immigration related topics.
    Monday, February 28, 2011
    Lindsey Graham v. The Truth

    Senator Lindsey Graham wants to hand out residency rights to millions of illegal aliens. As anyone who follows the issue of our out-of-control borders knows, he's been in favor of an amnesty for years.

    Well, there's certainly no shame in it. Lots of people in our country agree with him. What should cause him some embarrassment, however, are the arguments and assertions he's been peddling in support of his position.

    Since he's had a lot of years to think about them, and South Carolina is hardly the worst university one could have as an alma mater, he should be able to come up with better stuff than the dishonest tripe that's been running out of his mouth.

    Case in point, here are some "comprehensive immigration reform" cheerleading statements he peddled at a recent Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gathering, in San Antonio.

    “If we shut this country off from the rest of the world, we’re going to slowly die as a nation.

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