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    Lone Protester- SC's Workers Are Being Replaced

    Lone Protester- SC’s Workers are Being Replaced


    In violation of all the laws of this state and country, our native born South Carolinians are being replaced in large numbers in the work force by industries and other businesses that employ illegal aliens. In the last three years my industry, construction, has literally been invaded by an entire army of replacement workers in direct contravention of our laws. The changes that I have seen are simply unbelievable. In my line of work, roofing, 75% of the employees are illegal aliens, 75% of the brick masons are illegals, and the same applies to the carpenters, siding crews, insulation crews and every other business in the construction industry.

    And it seems that nobody gives a damn. My fellow businessmen and myself are being forced out of business and bankrupted by criminal competition and the only response that we can get from our leaders, such as Mayor Bob Coble of Columbia is to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. Another one of my leaders here, the esteemed Senator Lindsey Graham, considers me a racist and a bigot just because I am trying to bring attention to a huge problem. Just because I complain about being bankrupted and replaced by an illegal work force I am considered to be a bigot and racist. My rights under our state constitution and the US Constitution are being violated on a daily basis by our elected and appointed officials and the only thing that my senator can do is call me a racist and bigot.

    The Columbia Police Department will enforce the laws against spitting on the sidewalk, littering, cursing, dui and various other crimes but let it come to businesses that are employing illegal aliens then they will run for cover. The day I was arrested, sitting on that hot road being watched over by two police officers, I saw five illegal aliens hard at work, knowing for a fact that they would not be arrested by those two cops. I watched the homeowner who had admitted to me that he was using illegals, act like he was really offended by my protest of him because of the negative attention I brought to him from his neighbors and people passing by. I watched the contractor who built the house, M&H Development drive by and not stop. I think he knew what was up and wanted no part of it. The thing that I am getting at is that there were nine different people breaking all kinds of our laws in that man’s yard but those two cops from the Columbia City Police Department pretended like they were all law abiding American citizens. None of them were questioned by the cops about their illegal activities, none of them were put in handcuffs, like me. None of them had any worry in the world about being arrested because in those two cops eyes these criminals got a free pass. But the thing is, every last one of them were breaking the law, right in front of those two cops. And the cops did nothing.

    And that is the current state of affairs in the construction industry in South Carolina. We are not supposed to say anything as we are run out of business by criminal companies. We are not supposed to say anything about the new work force that is currently replacing all South Carolinians in the home building industry. We are not supposed to say or do anything, contrary to the wishes of our elected leaders that refuse to do anything to protect our business against illegal competition. No, we are just supposed to shut up and go quietly into the night when each of our time comes.

    But I refuse to shut up about it. When those two cops took me away to shut me up, it made me want to shout all that louder. I am an American citizen, guaranteed rights under our system of laws, just like my fellow workers in this state are supposed to have, but we don’t anymore. No, the enforcement of our laws has been co-opted by people in this state with their own agenda. Every cop refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Even our judges are in violation of their oaths of office. And nobody cares. We have 500,000 illegal aliens in this state and nobody cares. We have thousands of businesses that break our laws every day, but nobody cares.

    But I refuse to shut up, and I want to encourage every citizen of this great state to make your voices heard to our so-called leaders. Our politicians are currently having illegal immigration legislation discussion. And they are listening more to the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce that they are to the citizens of this state. And it is time for our voices to be heard. It is time to tell these deadbeats that the time for aiding and abetting lawbreakers is at an end. It is time to tell them to take their screams of racism and bigotry and shove it where the sun don’t shine. It is time to tell them that we want our laws enforced and that we will not accept any excuses for their non-compliance. It is time to take this state back!

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    Hi loneprotestor. I was so happy to hear about your outcome in court. May your days ahead be much brighter and may the Lord bless you and your family.

    Ephesians 4:32
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    It's happening here in NYC too. We are in what is probably the largest construction boom in decades yet there is not full employment in our union work force. Where once we held 80% of all major projects in the city we now only have half.
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