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    LULAC Demanding that California become a sanctuary state

    "LULAC Demanding that California become sanctuary state for illegal aliens"


    February 14, 2008

    In California tonight amnesty for illegal aliens tops the agenda of one advocacy group and that group is pushing to have the state of California declared a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Casey Wian reports.

    CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The California chapter of LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens unanimously voted to declare call what it called California Del Norte (ph), a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. The group, the largest and oldest Latino group in the U.S. demands an end to all state and local police cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Things like immigration and customs enforcement raids of businesses employing illegal aliens.

    JAN TUCKER, CALIFORNIA LULAC: Most responsible law enforcement officials would agree with us on -- at least to the extent that when local police get involved in trying to enforce immigration laws, that it just creates an environment that's hostile towards the police, no one cooperates with them whether they're here legally, illegally.

    WIAN: California LULAC also wants the Mexican government to seek the assistance of a third nation to resolve disputes with the United States over American immigration laws and their enforcement. The group cites Article XXI of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the Mexican-American War and transferred part of northern Mexico to the United States. LULAC sanctuary state declaration seemed ironic to this California lawmaker.
    CHUCK DEVORE, CALIF. STATE ASSEMBLY: I guess one could argue we are in effect already a sanctuary state. If you look at our $103 billion annual general fund budget, most estimates are that we spend in upwards of $11 billion of that money caring for, providing welfare, educating, housing people who are here illegally.

    WIAN: Devore has introduced a bill that would end California's policy of subsidizing state college tuition for illegal aliens. Instead, he wants to provide free tuition to members of the California National Guard. Devore estimates the proposal would save the state well over $100 million a year.

    (on camera): Because California's Legislature is dominated by Democrats who favor amnesty for illegal aliens Devore's bill is not expected to pass. The LULAC declaration, of course, carries no legal authority, but both demonstrate the deep divide that remains in California over illegal immigration.

    Casey Wian, CNN, Los Angeles. ... dt.01.html

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    Well I would say to LULAC that PWPT (people who pay taxes) should just stop paying. I mean what the heck, anything illegal is ok right? I am sick and tired of these people. My state has turned into a toilet. If it takes withholding monies for them maybe the taxpayers should step up and make the same kinds of demands the pro-illegals want. Our spineless politicians are destroying this country.

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    Yes, we should demand that California become a taxpayer sanctuary!!
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    Duplicate post.
    Please refer further comments to: ... c&start=25
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