Maine allowing illegal aliens to squat in new apartments for free while veterans throughout state remain homeless

01/18/2024 // Ethan Huff // 2.2K Views

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A new scheme in the Northeastern state of Maine will allow illegal aliens who travel there to receive complimentary housing for the next two years in brand-new apartment units that were built specifically and exclusively for "asylum seekers."
Even though the latest figures show that there are now more than 653,000 homeless people in America, around 36,000 of whom are veterans, Maine has developed a program to roll out the red carpet for illegal alien invaders who do not even belong in the United States in the first place.
Check out the photo below and article to see for yourself the 60-unit apartment complex in Brunswick where illegals get to live for free while actual American citizens are forced to pay upwards of $2,3000 for a month's rent for a similar unit:

Michelle Tweets from Maine

Asylum Seekers Started Moving Into New Apartments in Brunswick, MaineThe State of Maine is building 60 apartment units and the asylum seekers will have their rent paid for two years by the state of Maine. One of the comments left says the rent is $2300
Asylum Seekers Start Moving Into New Apartments in Brunswick, Maine | The Maine Writer | NewsBreak...
The Developer's Collaborative completed 24 of the 60 planned new apartments at the Brunswick Landing complex in Brunswick, Maine. The apartments have one and two bedrooms, and they were built for...

4:04 PM · Jan 11, 2024

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The "great replacement theory" in action

According to local media up in Maine, 24 of the 60 planned new apartments at the so-called "Brunswick Landing" complex have already been completed by a group called the Developer's Collaborative, which apparently caters to illegals while ignoring suffering U.S. citizens.
"The apartments have one and two bedrooms, and they were built for asylum seekers who were staying in hotels and shelters in the Portland area," reported The Maine Writer.
In addition to receiving two years of free housing, these asylum-seeking illegals will also receive kitchen and household items, compliments of taxpayers. Once the tenants start working – assuming they ever even do – the plan is to have them eventually pay 30 percent of their income for rent.
"The United Way of Midcoast Maine organized a kitchen donation drive to provide kitchen housewares for the new apartments," reports further explain. "The United Way of Midcoast Maine is looking for volunteers to help move boxes into the apartments and put together furniture."
News Maine Central, citing the Preble Street organization, reported that there are currently around 200 veterans in Maine, one of the coldest states in America, who face homelessness. Where is their free housing? Where is their free jumpstart into society?
Just in the last year, the number of "unhoused" veterans in Maine has doubled, this after Maine officials tried desperately before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" to reduce the number of homeless veterans living in Maine down to single digits.
There are also 4,000 additional homeless Americans living in Maine, none of whom are being offered free housing, kitchen wares, or other goodies, compliments of U.S. taxpayers.
"A reported 4,411 people were experiencing homelessness in Maine in January 2022, and an estimated 3.7 percent of them were unsheltered, the second smallest share among the 50 states," 247WallSt reported. "The number of people experiencing homelessness in Maine increased by 110.3 percent since 2020 and is up by 85.4 percent since 2010."
Once housing illegals for free becomes a national norm, you can expect the next stop on the free-goodies-for-migrants train to include free transportation, i.e., cars, subsidized or free utilities, free food and even free legal representation.
"The residents of Maine might want to keep their wallets handy; it seems they'll be reaching into them quite a bit more," one media outlet reported about the matter.
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Maine allowing illegal aliens to squat in new apartments for free while veterans throughout state remain homeless –