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Thread: Many Cuban exiles feel Biden let himself be 'blackmailed' by Havana with Cuba policy

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    Many Cuban exiles feel Biden let himself be 'blackmailed' by Havana with Cuba policy

    Many Cuban exiles feel Biden let himself be 'blackmailed' by Havana with Cuba policy changes

    WLRN 91.3 FM | By Tim Padgett

    Most Cuban-Americans in South Florida backed Trump's tougher Cuba strategy — and they feel Biden is throwing the regime a lifeline when it's at its weakest.

    As expected, President Biden’s new Cuba policy changes, announced on Monday, have caused a stir this week in South Florida's Cuban community — where many exiles feel most of all that the timing is dangerously wrong.

    Biden loosened many of former President Trump’s restrictions on U.S. engagement with communist Cuba. Among his revisions: lifting the ceiling on money sent to families on the island; allowing flights to cities other than Havana; and resuming people-to-people group travel to Cuba.

    Biden also wants to get more aid to Cuba’s private businesses. But many exile leaders in Miami say all of that simply gives aid to Cuba’s dictatorial regime at a time when economically and politically it looks unusually vulnerable — especially after last summer's unprecedented anti-government protests and the current weakening of one of its major foreign allies, Russia.

    “Thinking we can open up independent economic space inside Cuba as a reform tool is one of President Biden's many flawed assumption," said Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, head of the exile activist group The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance in Miami, which supports Trump's tighter Cuba isolation strategy.

    "You can't. As long as the [Cuban] regime retains the kind of control it has, it will just enrich [itself] through those supposed independent businesses.

    "So I think approaching the regime with a scalpel doesn’t work. You gotta hi t ‘em with a hammer — by going for the main pillar, and that’s their political control.”

    The Biden Administration says its policy changes are also meant to help relieve economic suffering in Cuba — and, in turn, the current record wave of Cuban immigration to the U.S. But Gutiérrez-Boronat says that’s also a faulty aspect of the Biden approach.

    “What the [Cuban] regime has just learned is that once again, they can weaponize immigration and use it to blackmail the U.S. — to get the U.S. to go in the direction they want it to go,” Gutiérrez-Boronat said.

    Many exiles also feel Biden did not adequately consult them during his government's year-long Cuba policy review that led to this week's announcement. Still, many do agree with his plan to resume Cuban immigration programs like family reunification and to ramp up immigrant visa processing at the U.S. embassy in Havana.
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    Too bad these exiled Cuban's do not go home and fight for their own country and stop coming here!

    We are not the solution to the world's problems. YOU fight for your freedom like we did.

    No more immigration, go reunite back home!

    We need chain deportation, not bring more here.

    We have an entire country and our cities to clean up and take care of our own people now and heal as a country.

    We have millions homeless.

    We have millions in the inner-city and across America who breed for dollars and do not want to work. They pay for nothing.

    Millions of illegal aliens who TAKE from us and pay nothing for healthcare, school, food, the crime, free stuff and continue to breed for more money. Then they have the GAUL to send $50 billion back out of the country and not spend in our economy and mouth off in our streets.

    We are sick of footing the bill for this and the rest of the world.

    Did Cuba take in the hundreds Haitian's that just landed on their shores and keep them, house them, feed them and pay for their medical care for life? Did they keep the pregnant ones? Hell no, they sent them all back.

    Is Cuba giving work visas to the Haitian's? To the Mexican's, the Central American's, the African's, the Afghan's, the Syrian's, the Ukrainians and everybody else on the planet?

    Screw you Cuba, we do not want your people either.
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