August 18, 2015

Marco Rubio: The Newest Member of Black Lives Matter.

By Colin Flaherty

Every politician has a go-to guy for black issues: A black person to keep it real with the latest information from the streets about riots, rampage and rap.

Senator Corey Booker’s guy is named T-Bone. Booker met T-Bone -- a drug dealer -- when Booker moved into The Ghetto of Newark during his second year of Yale Law School.

Booker started telling stories about T-Bone during his unsuccessful race for mayor of Newark in 2002. And many times in successful races after. T-Bone was the source of all knowledge and wisdom about the mean streets of that dirty and dangerous place.

And it worked: Stories of life and death in the hood were more entertaining than some Pointdexter from Yale lecturing black voters about new programs -- that were not really new.

One problem: T-Bone was a dream. A fairy tale. A lie.

A complete figment of Booker’s imagination.

Eliana Johnson at National Review nailed that story in 2013 -- a story many thought would break Booker. Turns out no one cared.

There are tons of videos on it, here is just one with a level of detail that can only be described as scary once you realize that Booker is giving an impassioned and extended and detailed speech about a person who does not exist.

About events that never happened.

Senator Marco Rubio also has a black friend who keeps it real.

Especially how black people are constant victims of constant racism all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything -- including why cops are always picking on black people For No Reason What So Ever.

Rubio put his black friend on display recently on Fox News to explain why the anti-cop, anti-white, anti-Asian, Black Lives Matter movement “is a legitimate issue:” His black friend told him so. He knew that because he was stopped by the police 9 times in 18 months, Rubio said.

“It is a fact in the African-American community around the country, there has been for a number of years a growing resentment of the way criminal justice and law enforcement interact with the community.”

That is Rubio’s way of saying cops have a distressing habit of arresting black people when they break the law -- which they do in distressing amounts.

Back to the Republican Wunderkind: “It is particularly endemic among young African American males that in some communities in this country they have a much high chance of interacting with the criminal justice than higher education.”
“We have a significant percentage of our population that feels they are locked out of the promise of this country. And the result is the anxiety and frustration we are now seeing expressed.”

If Rubio thinks robbing causes anxiety for the robber, he should ask a victim about their anxiety after they “interact” with a perpetrator of black crime.

In D.C., that is not hard to do. Ask the family of Matthew Castrol Schlonsky. Two days after Rubio joined Black Lives Matter, Matthew Castrol Schlonsky was gunned down in a D.C. metro station. Death by interaction. More Rubio:
“I personally know people, who are professionals, who are African American males, one friend in particular who was stopped in the last 18 months nine times. Never got a ticket for being stopped.”

“If that happened to me, after eight or none times, I’d be wondering what’s going on here.”

So many questions, but you get the gist: Rubio is joining Mr. and Mrs. Obama in their mission to blame and shame the white racism that is inflicted on black people on a daily basis. At the Black Caucus dinner, the president raised the roof when he told a room full of the black elected elite that black people are arrested for “walking while black.”

A few months later, he talked with Black Entertainment Television about the enormous disparity between black and white children when it comes to discipline and performance in schools. And how there could only be on reason: White racism.

Recently at Charleston, The President talked about white business people and their subconscious racism that leads them to call Johnny for a job. “But not Jamal.”

At this year’s graduation at Tuskegee, the First Lady went on at some length about the disadvantages white people create for black people.

And now the Great Hispanic Hope has joined The Great Interaction -- on the side of Black Lives Matter.

Rubio curiously ignored the facts that Cuban and Asian -- and even African -- immigrants -- put the lie to that story of racial hopelessness every day with every success they enjoy. Including low crime rates. And high graduation rates.

If Rubio feels he needs black friends to validate his opinions, perhaps he should “interact” with the work of Thomas Sowell and Jesse Lee Peterson and Taleeb Starkes and Kevin Jackson who say this entire story of black victimization is a lie.
Good luck pretending that is not patronizing.

Or Rubio could ask his Washington staff if they have even been the victim of a robbery or assault in Washington. Ask them if that has happened to any of their friends or family, maybe on the commuter train or the Metro Bike Trail or a D.C.
entertainment district or even their homes.

Ask gay people about their interactions with black violence.

Ask them if their experiences match what we know about violent crime in D.C. -- and in your home state of Florida -- where black people “interact” with these victims wildly out of proportion.

Rubio could ask about how over the weekend a group of black people in Orlando robbed, assaulted and kidnapped a federal law enforcement office on vacation. There are lots more recent examples, all from this weekend:

In Denver, a group of 20 black people beat a man and his fiancée during business hours in the middle of the most popular -- “family friendly” -- entertainment district in that town. And oh yeah, despite reporters trying to ignore it, that has been happening there a long time.

All documented in that scintillating best seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

In Kansas City, hundreds of black people fought, destroyed property and challenged police at the mayor’s Rock the Block concert. And oh yeah, that has been happening there a long time.

More “interaction,” Senator?

In Brooklyn, Asian immigrants are targets of daily harassment and violence. Often against older people. Know any immigrants you could ask about that “interaction,” Senator?

In Milwaukee, a large group of black people interacted with an older woman, then ran her over with a car. On video.
In at least four theaters over the weekend, black people attending the new movie about the gangster rappers N.W.A. fought and fired guns.

There are lots more. Perhaps Rubio or his friend could tell us why so many police officers are so often the victims of so much hostility and violence and threats when they “interact” with black people at events like this.

Maybe they could explain why Rubio is interacting so favorably with the same people who rejoice at this violent interaction against cops?

Or why black on white crime is 50, 75, 100 times greater than similar white on black interactions.

Or why upwards of 20,000 black on white rapes happen in America every year, but virtually no white on black rape? No matter how much Nobel winner Toni Morrison fantasizes about it.

And why are so many “black leaders” are so eager to ignore, deny, excuse, condone, encourage and even lie about these interactions?

When are black people going to stop blaming white people for their problems?

And finally, when are gullible and grasping and pandering politicians going to stop making -- and accepting -- these excuses and “interact” with the truth of black criminality that is wildly out of proportion?

So many questions: Maybe we could interact them with T-Bone.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the bestselling Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. You can interact with him at his spanking new YouTube channel. And sign up for his newsletter here.

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