Here’s What Happened After ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester Underwent ‘Use of Force’ Scenarios With Sheriff Joe

by Top Right News on
January 8, 2015 in Ferguson

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

For months, Ferguson, and similar ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters have railed against “racist” police tactics, asserting that cops target and kill unarmed Black men.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio invited one such protester to go through the same “use of force” training that his deputies do. And one outspoken protester came out singing a very different tune — one people on both sides of the Michael Brown debate should see.

According to KSAZ-TV, Jarrett Maupin helped lead several marches on Phoenix police headquarters in recent months, upset about police shooting an unarmed man who they say fought with them.

We want his badge, we want his gun, we want his job,” he was captured on video saying at one protest.

But then Maupin was invited by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to undergo police tactical situational training, and he came away from it a changed man.

In one scenario, Maupin, dressed in police garb and carrying a ‘pistol,’ was shot by a car thief/bad guy when the thief put his hands out of view and came up with a gun. In another, Maupin tried to talk two men out of fighting when one man stalked toward him and Maupin shot him.

That’s right, this #BlackLivesMatter protest leader shot an unarmed man:
“Hey, he rushed me… I shot because he was in that zone, I didn’t see him armed, he came clearly to do some harm to my person.
It’s hard to make that call; it shakes you up.”

It sure does. It ‘aint easy being a cop.

In the second scenario, Maupin attempted to break up an argument that started to get physical. One of the unarmed subjects rushed him and Maupin fired his weapon on him.

In the third scenario, a burglar refused to comply when Maupin tried to arrest him and obtain what the bad guy had tucked in his waistband.

As Maupin told Fox 10 Phoenix:
“I need you to keep your hands up, sir, I need to check what’s in the waistband.”

No shots were fired, but there was a knife in the waistband.
Maupin came out of the training a changed man:
“I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this; yes my attitude has changed, this happens in 10-15 seconds. People need to comply for their own sake,” he said.

Maupin took to Twitter to praise police for the training they go through, and warn suspects about the importance of complying with police demands (as Michael Brown and Eric Garner did not):
thanks @troyhaydenfox10 #MCSO for use of force situational training, officer #deescalation& #complying citizens is the answer #commonground
— Rev. Jarrett Maupin (@ReverendMaupin) January 8, 2015

Uh, oh…his fellow protesters are not going to like that. But we have to salute Rev. Maupin for open mind and change of heart after being presented with the reality America’s cops face every single day.