Mark Levin Just Made A Huge Endorsement That Could Help Restore America To Greatness

"I have been a longtime admirer..."

Shortly after receiving a nod from two other high profile conservatives, Joe Miller received a ringing endorsement from attorney, author, and talk radio heavyweight Mark Levin.

A Republican primary this week will determine which U.S. Senate hopeful will square off against incumbent Democrat Mark Begich in Alaska’s upcoming general election. The Tea Party favorite has amassed a number of endorsements from pro-life groups and other conservative advocates, culminating with a campaign call recorded by ‘America’s toughest sheriff” Joe Arpaio and a vote of support by fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin last week.

It was just after the latter endorsement that Levin offered his take on the race.

During the broadcast of his syndicated talk show Friday, Levin explained that Miller “was endorsed today by our dear friend Sarah Palin, and I would like to endorse him today myself.”

Contrasting Miller’s strong beliefs to his “establishment” challengers, Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan, Levin offered his support to the “constitutional conservative” he thinks should win.

“Our friends in Alaska, you need to get out. You need to vote,” he said.

In 2010, Miller bested incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary, although he lost the general election when she mounted a highly publicized write-in campaign. As the current campaign has progressed, a number of conservatives have lamented the fact that Murkowski and Begich have cast similar votes, leading to criticism of the Republican’s ostensible credibility as a conservative.
Of the three Republicans vying to join her in the Senate, Miller has firmly positioned himself as the most conservative choice in debates and speeches. Levin’s endorsement further confirms that perception.

“I want to thank the Great one for endorsing my candidacy for the U.S. Senate,” Miller said. “I have been a longtime admirer of Mark as one of our country’s foremost champions of freedom.”
He concluded that he and Levin “share the belief that the best and only hope for our nation is a return to constitutional government,” adding that he is “honored to serve with him in that fight.”

The primary election will be held Tuesday.