[Listen] Mark Levin, Sen Jeff Sessions – We Have The Votes To Stop Obama’s Illegal Executive Amnesty Decree

Posted on 12 November, 2014 by Rick Wells

Senator Jeff Sessions says that the point Mark Levin has been stressing, particularly of late, that Congress loses its last weapon against the imperial presidency by signing away their power of the purse through continuing resolutions is correct. The current continuing resolution expires on December 12th.
He says, “What we need to do is simply fund the government when it runs out in early December, but we need to simply say, as we’ve done and Congress has done many, many times over the years, bar any funding to execute an executive amnesty, which is going to cost millions of dollars, and involves a complex series of things that would have to occur.”
He adds, “A Congress has barred closing Guantanamo Bay, for example, as part of the appropriations process we say ‘president,’ you can’t spend any money to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.’” He adds that when 80 percent of the American people oppose executive amnesty, the right thing to do is to put in that type of language.
He says if Congress doesn’t do that, they have in his opinion, “fundamentally failed to defend the integrity of the institution, the fundamentals of separation of powers, and capitulated and acquiesced in a really, really bad policy.
Mark Levin asks him if he thinks there is a majority of Republicans in the Senate who are prepared to do that. Senator Sessions responds that he thinks so, saying, “Even the people who supported the gang of eight bill, many of them have expressed open and direct condemnation of executive amnesty. So I think we do have the votes.”
Sessions isn’t sure whether the votes would be there while the Democrats still have the majority prior to the Republicans taking over in January, but he notes that a lot of Democrats went on the record while campaigning in opposition to the executive amnesty.
He adds that as a fundamental constitutional point, Congress should not be funding programs that they don’t think are worthy. He adds the fact that this would be an unlawful act that Congress would be funding after Levin characterizes it as the demise of Congress.
Clearly, the two are in total agreement, as are the majority of Americans who are not included in any of the special interests that would be served by this action.

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