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    Mark Zuckerberg Amnesty group launches amnesty offensive for remainder of 2014

    just got this from the amnesty promoters of Facebook and Google...

    Hi William,
    For months every major anti-immigrant group promised they would win New Hampshire’s Senate seat and beat pro-reform candidate Jeanne Shaheen. Guess what happened last night?
    Senator Shaheen won and anti-immigrant groups were overwhelmingly proven wrong. And’s left-side affiliate, the Council for American Job Growth, played a big role in this win – that’s something that each and everyone one of us should be proud of.
    Though three in four Americans support meaningful immigration reform, the few anti-immigrant voices that oppose reform can seem very loud. Yesterday’s election shows Americans want pro-reform candidates who will support meaningful reform that keeps families together, builds our economy, and encourages innovation.
    So here’s what comes next:
    First – we have a real opportunity over the weeks ahead to push the President to take big and bold action to make immediate fixes to our immigration system. Newly elected Republicans and Democrats alike have vowed to support reform in 2015, but we need significant action on immigration this year.
    Millions of children woke up this morning afraid that their family could be torn apart at any time. Entrepreneurs and foreign students across the country don’t have the opportunity to build their companies and use their degrees in America. These communities need action now.
    Second – while these executive actions are a step in the right direction, what our country absolutely needs is a legislative solution. That is the only way to achieve permanent reform.
    So, how do we accomplish both these goals? Each and every one of us must reach out to Members of Congress to make our voices heard, make sure they see the stories of the people who absolutely need help, and push them to support action on reform.
    Big change is hard. The opportunities to make progress don’t come along that often and your support is essential to our major push for action on immigration. Over the next month, you can make a huge impact by helping us build the case for immediate action. It's go time, and we need you to keep fighting with us.
    Todd Schulte
    Acting President,

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    Hopefully you set them straight and corrected their factual errors.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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