18 Jun 2016

Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn would be open to becoming presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s running mate, saying “no one would ever say no to that” at a New Hampshire GOP fundraiser.

Blackburn resolutely backs Trump and his immigration policies, and urges Congress to halt refugee resettlement in order to gain some control over which foreign nationals are allowed to resettle in the U.S. for life.

“The thing is to look at the refugee program and halt it. You call a timeout and get this fixed,” she told WMUR9 ABC. “There are a majority [of Republicans] who feel that we should have a program where we can vet the individuals. The majority agrees with that. The majority agrees that if we have to call a timeout while we get that in place, that it’s common sense and we ought to do that.”

“I think a majority of House members agree with a majority of Americans that it is just common sense,” she added. “You’ve got to know who’s coming into our country and if they’re coming here to play by the rules and abide by our laws, or if they are coming here to do us harm.”

The Obama administration is rushing to import as many Syrian Muslim “refugees” as possible before Obama leaves office, despite ongoing terror attacks committed by Muslims: In June alone, they have admitted more than 100 per day. The “vetting process” has been fast-tracked from 24 months to only three. House Speaker Paul Ryan has spoken out against Trump’s popular immigration policies, saying he “obviously” doesn’t support even a pause on the accelerated importation of Muslims from Third World countries into the U.S.

Blackburn, however, is already moving to implement parts of Trump’s immigration and sovereignty agenda in the House with a bill that would halt funding of refugee resettlement until certain conditions are met, such as having Congress approve the number of refugees — who can immediately begin collecting welfare, taking jobs otherwise available to Americans, and become voting citizens — the president determines the U.S. should import into American communities.

“Pause it. Let’s make certain we know who is coming into our country,” Blackburn told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. “It’s important for our sovereignty. It’s important for our national security. We need to make certain that they are not coming in to do harm to American citizens.”