Maryland State Police Are Calling This a Hate Crime…

By Steve Straub On July 15, 2014 · 218 Comments · In US

I cannot believe that a rational person would call this a “hate crime” when it’s clearly political and much more of a crime against spelling and good taste than anything else.

People are very frustrated about what’s happening on the border and to call opposing it a “hate crime” shows that this is much more about suppressing political speech and delegitimizing the opposition than anything else.
CAROL COUNTY – Maryland State Police have classified anti-immigration graffiti spray painted on the former Army Reserve Center in Westminster as a hate crime.
The graffiti was sprayed sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning, according to Lt. Patrick McCrory, commander of the state police Westminster barracks. The graffiti said “NO ILLEAGLES [sic] HERE NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.”
It was spray-painted on the front of the Army Reserve Center, which recently became embroiled in controversy when the Obama administration considered using the facility to house immigrant children caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.
The Carroll County Board of Commissioners spoke out against the federal government’s plan on Friday during an emergency cabinet meeting. Commissioners attending the meeting pledged not to provide any assistance to federal agencies if or when they moved the children to the facility. [...]
McCrory said the graffiti was being considered a hate crime because of its racial message.
Do you think the image above constitutes a “hate crime” or do you think this is about suppressing of political speech?

{H/T – Young Conservatives]