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Thread: McConnell: ‘I’m Almost Certainly’ Going to Support Rand Paul in 2016

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    McConnell: ‘I’m Almost Certainly’ Going to Support Rand Paul in 2016

    McConnell: ‘I’m Almost Certainly’ Going to Support Rand Paul in 2016

    by Tina Nguyen | 7:13 pm, December 8th, 2014

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is almost certainly going to run for President in 2016, and according to fellow Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, he’s “almost certainly” going to help Paul run, if that should happen.

    “We started off on opposite paths, but we’ve become great allies,” the Senate Majority Leadertold CNN. “I’m a big fan of his. I think he’s a very, very smart, capable guy. I really admire him a lot, and we’ve worked together on a lot of things. And I’m going to try to be helpful to him.”

    This declaration of Kentucky Senator friendship is certainly a drastic change from before: back when Paul first ran for the Senate, McConnell publicly backed his opponent, establishment candidate Trey Grayson, in the Republican primary. (Obviously, Grayson lost.)

    But though McConnell is now Super Best Kentucky Friends with Paul, who helped him fend off Democrat challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes in the last midterm election, he won’t be stumping too much: “I’m not going to be tromping around in New Hampshire and Iowa, I can tell you that.”


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    Two illegal alien amnesty supporting peas in a pod!

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    The death knell of Paul's campaign just rang. Ding-dong, ding-a-ling if you really supported Paul you would have kept YOUR mouth shut.
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