Migrants ‘threaten democracy’ as they beat up members of Swedish youth party – Members no longer feel safe

By Emma R. 17 October 2018

Daniel Lönn - Private Image

Members of the Young Sweden Democrats are threatened and assaulted in their country and police don’t seem to act accordingly. Many members of the young group connected with the democratically chosen Sweden Democrats consider quitting, newspaper Nyheter Idag reveals.

Since spring, Sweden Democrat Daniel Lönn from Borlänge has been subjected to repeated threats and hatred.
Some of the threats have been reported to the police, but they have closed the cases almost immediately despite the existence of both witnesses and screenshots.

A few weeks ago, Daniel received a note with a threat saying: “SD apologise on FB (Facebook) or 03:00” and a poorly drawn knife.

It is the culmination of what has been four months of intimidation and hatred against him because of his involvement in SD’s youth organisation “Ungsvenskarna” (the Young Swedes).

The threats began this spring, he says. It was a single incident that started it all, and then it escalated.
A fellow Young Swede was attacked because he was wearing an SD pin on his jacket.
“When we were in Borlänge city centre, a youth gang noticed that he was wearing an SD pin and attacked him both verbally and physically,” says Daniel.
The youth gang consisted of youths with immigrant backgrounds. And recently, two other Young Swedes were brutally beaten by a migrant gang at a hamburger restaurant in Falun.
The youths have previously been subjected to death threats both on social media and online, and were then told by police to call 112 (emergency number) if it happened again.
“But it’s a bit difficult to call the police when you are being attacked by ten people,” says Rasmus Wiertz, chairman of the Young Swedes in Dalarna, and Daniel agrees with him.
They have tried to explain to the police that some type of assault alarm is needed, but their requests have not been taken seriously.
The threats and hatred greatly affect the organisation. “Several people want to leave, and others don’t dare to join because of this. And if people don’t dare to get politically active, freedom of speech is suppressed. It is a threat to democracy,” says Daniel.
He also states that they have not received any support from other parties or youth organisations.
Threats at parliamentary level are taken seriously, but not at local level. Especially not when it comes to SD’s youths. It scares me, he concludes.